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Gillian Sanger

ICEBREAKER: What is one thing most people don't know about you?

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Hi, I'm Zayjah,

The one thing people don't know about me is that all my life I've always wanted to be a famous actor.I love movies so much and whenever I watch a movie that love I always imagined my self is the main character, and I think about my life sometimes as a famous actor.

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Tracy Lynn, I am very new here & I saw this post & wanted to introduce myself just a bit. In regards to some of the questions listed there were a few I want to share with you & a few other "about me" items as well.

What did your childhood self yearn to be when he/she/they grew up? When I was growing up as I aged I had a variety of different careers I wanted to have, from veterinarian to music teacher. Though as I grew & went along my journey, including my own healing I discovered my true passion was to simply help others in any form I could which has now translated into me utilizing my intuitive & healing gifts as an Energy Healer & Healing Touch Practitioner.

What was your biggest mistake turned lesson? Lessons, wow I have truly had so many, but I can say now that I do not view any of the situations as "mistakes" as I have come to accept them for everything they have taught me & made me who I am today. One thing others however may view was a "mistake" I made was I got pregnant prior to being married (my first year of college) & eventually dropped out of college & married my daughter's father. Going through that relationship I lost a lot of who I am & it was very negative. Through that however I was able to learn so much about how to speak my truth & create my own boundaries. After 12/13 years of marriage we did get divorced & I am now because of that relationship in a very strong relationship with a strong foundation & with someone who not only allows me to speak my truth but encourages it! This relationship has given me so much, but most importantly it is allowing me to heal generational traumas of constantly holding back who we are & is giving my daughter the views that she can live in her truth always as there will be someone who loves here & supports her that will also NEVER dull her light.

What unique quirks do you have? "Quirks" are definetly something I have, most of the unique abilities I have are part of my healing practice, I actually as I stated am an intuitive which means I am blessed with the ability to sense other's energy & even hear/feel different things that I can work with to help others on their journey.


I guess a "normal" thing about me is that I now have a blended family, in the family we have a total of 4 kids & they range in age from 16 to 8, my husband is going back to school to be a nurse, is a veteran of the United States Air Force, & I now own HT Energy Work which is my healing practice where I walk others through the healing needed to achieve their highest self.

I am absolutely blessed to have learned to speak my truth & fully embrace who I am which I now use as a road map/survival guide to help others, especially my children to heal & learn to live mindful & lives that are filled with joy, love, & peace.

Thank you for reading about me! I am so excited to be here, have a blessed & amazing day.

Vibrate Higher in Love & Light,
Tracy Lynn,
Healing Tough Practitioner/Energy Healer

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Hey there, I'm a self ordained hippie from San Francisco living in Texas. I've been on a holistic journey for over 10 years now with a disdain for western medicine and strong need to be connected to source. Sometimes I feel guilty speaking of the universe because I grew up in church and it seems to devalue God but within my heart I believe that the Universe and God are one. That's something that I can't talk about out loud so it felt good typing that just now. Well enough of me I look forward to being part of this community. 

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Hi, I am new to this platform, and I am excited to meet likeminded individuals and learn a new skill for healing. I am a massage therapist and I desire to help diminish health disparities in my community by engaging people in free massage amd wellness education events 

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