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Gillian Sanger

ICEBREAKER: What is one thing most people don't know about you?

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@SandraO   You are very brave to do that at such a young age.  I do not think I ever could have.  I remember being chased down by a St. Bernard dog, full grown.  I was in kindergarten, the dog was 3 times my size.  Needless to say it was put down, because it shredded up the coat I was wearing.  I do not remember being afraid or fearful after that.  I just never understood why it choose me and not my girlfriend that ran the other direction.  It was all ok.  An event I often say near death, one of the many I have been watched over.  

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That sounds awful Sandra! Couple things people don't know about me: I've seen Madonna in concert 5 times- twice in Las Vegas, twice in Chicago, and once in Minneapolis. Was in second row for her last concert! I'm kind of a die-hard fan and always have been.


On a more personal note, at age 12 I was hospitalized with anorexia. Symptoms sort of waxed and waned over the years, but I had to be hospitalized and go to treatment again in 2010. Recovery is probably the most difficult thing I've ever done. I still deal with "voices" everyday but they are much quieter now and I can easily ignore them. My body image remains distorted, which is typical for those in recovery from anorexia. I trust my husband's judgement rather than trusting what I see in the mirror. I support the National Eating Disorders Association and do what I can to educate people about the danger of media images and the idea that there is no 'good' or 'bad' foods. The rate of eating disorders (especially in males) continues to increase. Anorexia is the most lethal psychological disorder, with the death rate higher than depression or schizophrenia, or any other disorder. I am very grateful that I did not succumb to the disease. 

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12 hours ago, SandraO said:

Thank you for sharing.  YOU ARE VERY VERY BRAVE.   Thank you for sharing your bravery with me and with others.  


Thank you! I appreciate it. Every time I share, it takes away power from the eating disorder. 

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Once when I entered a store to shop, a monk stopped me. Without a word, he administered a blessing to me while onlookers stared! Wordlessly, he left extreme peace in my soul & lifted my burden! I went into to shop after about 2 hours, I checked out. There this man stood, bowing slightly to me & began his wordless ministration to me....for about 30 minutes he continued to minister to me! A spiritual & physical change was wrought in me! I am Christian yet his spiritual ministrations to me & for me, I felt to the core of my being! I had been chronically ill for sometime before this encounter; afterwards, slowly my chronic illnesses minimized or healed. Can anyone share anything that would help me understand more about this monk? Before this encounter, I had just heard about monks, but never met one.

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5 hours ago, Gillian Sanger said:

@Jo L - Thank you for opening up and sharing this with us. I am happy to hear the little whispers are manageable for you now. I agree, the impact of media on our sense of self is huge! Mindfulness of this is so important.

You’re welcome. Opening up about this makes the voices even more manageable since it decreases shame, which is where anorexia lives. Regarding body ideals represented by media, back in the day, the ideal was vuluptuous figures (think old paintings) and it’s no coincidence that the ideal woman shrank once women became more financially independent. That was also when the diet and cosmetics industry boomed. Women couldn’t fully focus on their career potential because suddenly their body size and beauty became the primary concern. It helps to get angry at the system! 

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Ok so I'd like to share my biggest fear. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people. I'm petrified of ending up alone although it is inevitable. We come into the world alone and we exit it alone. Right now I'm happy with a great hubby and 3 beautiful kids. I wish I could freeze time and keep it this way, but we age everyday. We get closer and closer to the end. That's why I'm grateful for learning and practicing mindfulness. So I can just enjoy right now.

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Welcome @Claudia and @Bdot13!

Claudia - What a beautiful way to introduce yourself. These words really help to paint a picture of who you are. I am a stargazer and mystic too... and I hope to one day soon have my own garden so that 'fairy garden caretaker' might be well suited to me as well 🙂

Bdot13 - Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. You seem to be very mindful of the fear itself and of the nature of life (the life/death/life cycle I call it). I can relate to having beautiful moments and wanting to 'freeze' time, and then quickly realizing (and grinning) at the fact that nature does not flow this way. This is why I love gratitude practices - so that I can be fully aware of whatever beauty I have in my experience right now... and again and again.

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On 10/23/2019 at 8:31 AM, Gillian Sanger said:

Share a little more about yourself and let us know something that most people don't know about you.

For instance...
What did your childhood self yearn to be when he/she/they grew up?
When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
What was your biggest mistake turned lesson?
What are you afraid of, big or small?
What unique quirks do you have?

This list of questions is by no means exhaustive of where this can go. Use your imagination to dig for something wild/surprising/unusual or share something totally 'normal' (whatever normal is) and relatable.

Great Posts, All! Hmmm...a couple of my Firsts: I wanted to be a Dr. 

Second: cant remember the date tho was recently...LOL! Many lessons...when I previously worked in a Detox program I was arguing with a Female client until my Friend, Lana, the RN spotted me and motioned me immediately into the Conference room, and reminded me in 30 Secs or less how sick these Patients are and I should know better...that was my first Real Lesson in Compassion; BTW...I found myself in my Supervisor's office time and time again prior to this; the Theme, was always the same!-"Compassion"

After Lana's intervention, it never happened again....one day I decided to pop in on my Supervisor's office to see how she was since lots of time had gone by with no more Sermonizing about "Compassion"! We both had a good chuckle about my Progress! Upon leaving that job and coming to Texas, she left me with a glowing recommendation!:)

Next: Being attacked by anything or anyone...I was jumped & attacked as a child!:(

Quirk: None I can think of...

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a Mispel
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