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Gillian Sanger

ICEBREAKER: What is one thing most people don't know about you?

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On 10/31/2019 at 7:59 PM, DianeJ said:

Thanks, Gillian!

My childhood self wanted to be a teacher and/or a singer. I am a teacher of sorts, and becoming more of one, and I would call myself an amateur singer.

Something else ... I'm certified by the AMC/Appalachian Mountain Club as a "local hikes" leader. I'm also kind of a spelling geek ...

DIane, you're my hero! As a kid, I wanted to hike the AT.  Now (at 48), I've hiked the Approach Trail, and Springer Mountain to Gooch Gap Sections.  Imma finish the rest of Georgia by end of September 22. 🙂

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I'm going to respond to "what makes me feel most alive:"  I work with students that are challenged by typical inner city issues like poverty, racism, educational disparities, etc.  Watching them improve their literacy and learn to think bigger, to dream bigger; seeing people learning and daring to hope in these circumstances - this is what community is.  

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As a child I wanted to be a catholic nun. Grandma used to invite the nuns to our summer cottage in Gwinn, MI. I loved my  time at the cottage because I felt connected to the people I loved, had inner peace and bold confidence. Memories of floating in an inner tube on the lake, swatting away horse flies, and playing with my cousins fills my heart with joy. I long for those days today. The feeling of being completely supported by the water, my cousins love confident with my inner tube close at hand I wold float on my back looking up at the sky. My cousins and I would spend so many hours playing in the water, our skin would be all wrinkled  as we ran into the sauna house to warm up and do it all over again. Those were the days!

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Share a little more about yourself and let us know something that most people don't know about you.

For instance...
What did your childhood self yearn to be when he/she/they grew up?

I was very young, born in a christian family, but at that time I was allowed to follow the serie 'Kung Fu', with David Carradine, this has had an enourmous impact then, but stayed with me until I was 40.  In between I was depressed and got divorced. I started learning massage and natural healthcare. In 2003 I encountered meditation. From that moment on there was an ongoing journey... everything was related to finding and keeping peace within myself.

When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

This has been a long time ago... 

What was your biggest mistake turned lesson?

I do not believe in mistakes, but I see that every 'mistake' does turn into a lesson, when we can be aware of it. We only need the rememberance to reflect on the 'mistakes'.

What are you afraid of, big or small?

I am afraid of the dentist. 

What unique quirks do you have? 

I really do not know,  I need to think about that ...


What is my believe and purpose for this life:

I think everything is fixed, and already good as it is. This is very difficult to accept when one has troubles, disease or looking at war etc. But, my idea, the practice is to observe and to come to the compassion in the heart. All situations are exercises. Because I believe all has a purpose, death has it purpose too. I am not afraid of death anymore. It is my purpose to learn to accept all people, bringing love to my heart. As the Quan Yin, every person is a messenger, a teacher, and I am grateful to meet ... 

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