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Gillian Sanger

What are you grateful for today?

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Today I'm grateful for a random butterfly that decided to hang out just outside my kitchen window for several minutes this morning. It's not normally a spot where I see them, so it was a welcome surprise that allowed me to stop, be still, and just enjoy the moment—which is normally something I struggle with. 

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I am grateful for so many amazing people I meet that are uplifting, motivating, and happy.  I would not be here.  I am grateful for the universe and my 5 senses.  Grateful for being human and able to experience the human life of joy even through the nasty downtime, because it all is worth it.  I am overjoyed and grateful for my relationships online as well as in person.  WE are amazing people.   Blessings.  

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Congratulations Sean on the new baby.  I love watching new babies right after they are born.  It is fun seeing them learn on their own so fast.  Their facial expressions and the funny questions they begin to ask.  From age zero to 4 it is hard for me to do anything but watch and listen.  So precious they are.  Blessings to you and your family.  

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