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Gillian Sanger

What are your favourite self-compassion techniques?

What are your favourite self-compassion techniques?  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite self-compassion techniques?

    • Offering yourself words of compassion
    • Resting a hand on a part of the body that calls for touch
    • Imagining how you would support someone you love if they were struggling
    • Reminding yourself that suffering is part of humanity
    • Asking yourself, "What do I need right now?"

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My favorite technique is one I learned from David on this forum. If I fall into self criticism, I catch myself, thank myself for recognizing that and return to the present. I use TNH's statements to center myself: "breathing in, I am aware of breathing in, breathing out I am aware of breathing out". Then, I tell myself some positive affirmations and move on. For me, this works. I know I will likely be challenged again but I will use these techniques and they will help me again. Daniel

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What a wonderful technique. It is a good reminder to celebrate our small moments of noticing when we've become lost in negative, critical thoughts. Thanks for sharing Daniel!

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Wow! How timely, Gillian, (I checked all the boxes) as I was just reading Kristen Neff's & Christopher's Germer's Book, The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook last night and the Chapter on:

                       Self-Compassion Motivation (Chpater 11)>>>talk about doing a deeper dive! much food for thougt...the book feels like a Mature Diary as it becomes neccessary to, not only look at flaws, but to forgive those as well Via Self-Compassion.

I am striving to make changes in my Life as I have extended to offer a Mindful Meditation with one of my Dr's office's whom I admire for his humility; I know that could be perceived as a Conflict of Interest, though have given him an out if that is a problem for him.

Have a Great day all!!

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    • Guest Eve
      I feel present, calm and grounded when I'm focusing my breath and also some thoughts just run out here and there but I'm ok with that just let it be and I can feel my eyes are very tired that I don't even really care about it. I think I will have a good sleep tonight. 
    • Hi everyone,  I am Thuraya. A Palestinian educator who has been looking for different ways to practice mindfulness and help myself know how to let go. I am using this platform to get more into practical performance of mindfulness and the correct implementation of its techniques 
    • Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be here participating! A few months ago I finished a midfulness training. Time goes by very fast and there is always a lot to do in my job; but I want to continue cultivating mindfulness and teaching it;  for me, it´s  a challenge to be able to communicate in English(another reason to be here).  When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut 🙂 and also a truck driver. Later, as a teenager, I wanted to be an engineer. And after the experiences life has given me, now I want to go slowly and slowly. I loved music, and I had a CD of music of Buddhist monks, I liked to listen to them, it relaxed me, I didn't know I was going to meditate 🙂 .   Greetings to all!  
    • Hi Wahby17,  Welcome! What a Story to behold; one never knows what Comic Figures can be powers of example, especially ones who Meditate!
    • Hi, I'm a university student who has been meditating his entire life for multiple reasons. It might sound stupid but as a child I loved reading comics, and one of my favorite characters was Iron Fist. Basically he meditated a lot, so out of habit I did too in an attempt to imitate him, and bit by bit I got more and more interested as I saw results both mental and physical. I researched more and more and became more aware of myself. I'm glad I can now join communities with people who can share their different experiences on this topic.
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