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Gillian Sanger

Mindful questions for journaling or contemplation

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Is anyone looking for some journal prompts? Or interesting questions to contemplate?

There's a new blog post on Mindfulness Exercises entitled '20 Mindful Question to Ask Yourself': https://mindfulnessexercises.com/20-mindful-questions-to-ask-yourself/

If you decide to explore any of these questions, I'd love to hear what comes up for you. Share your comments here and I'll do the same.

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Some of these questions are useful. Some, IMO, are contraindicated in the medicinal practice of remembering (‘mindfulness’) and are just more distracting self-obsession and obscuration (keeping in mind that ‘mindfulness’ is not psychology or ‘spirituality’ or ‘mysticism’ or ‘personal development’ or the preferencing of “good” emotions or pacification or a pursuit of personal happiness / accomplishment or the perfection of an ideal “self”).

If we limit ourselves to these types of questions then they are a path of indulgence and perceptual confusion because the human animal is dangerously lost and perceptually reified in an absence of a consistent and committed asking of the following five essential and foundational questions along with a practiced receptivity to unvarnished answers to them, no matter how unsettling, uncomfortable and uncertain what they reveal about us and ‘place’ may be: 

- - -

Q. What are we?

A. Fragile short-lived biological organisms.

- - -

Q. Where are we? 

A. Innately embedded in and utterly dependent on a thin, fragile, always changing layer of biological lifeforms that grew out of slime on the surface of an infinitesimal mote of twirling cosmic debris made up of rock, fire, water, air and electromagnetic relationships that is whizzing through a churning debris-clogged ocean of radiation-permeated space around a colossal, exceedingly dynamic, flaming sphere that regulates and with precise periodicity disorders and weakens / collapses the terrestrial electromagnetic field and deregulates / annihilates the life it enables.

- - -

Q. How do we  and where we exist operate?

A. Utterly at the endless moment-by-moment effects of cyclical exoplanetary patterns and processes at all levels of this personal existence that we like to think of as “mine” in spite of mountainous evidence to the contrary.

- - -

Q. What has happened in the past?

A. A science-confirmed multileveled multifaceted cyclical destruction of terrestrial operating systems and mass extinction events (most significantly in 13k year increments) that are triggered by exoplanetary patterns / processes and random celestial events that have collapsed every civilization / culture ever to have appeared here in Earth and that has killed off eight iterations of ‘human’ during just the past 300k years (the most recent just 13k years ago and Neanderthals 40k years ago) leaving just one broken iteration of human animal left that is now pathologically alienated from actuality to the point of literal psychosis and that has forgotten what it is, where it is, how what it is / where it is actually operate and that can no longer grasp what is happening now and what is going to inevitably happen sooner than later (as another cycle of destruction is currently / rapidly ramping up (13k years this side of the most recent science-confirmed global cataclysm / mass extinction event).

- - -

Q. What is happening now?

A. The highest level of life-threatening radiation blasting Earth ever recorded (increasing nearly 20% just since 2015).

A rapid disordering of terrestrial operating systems. 

Deadly climate chaos, soaring temperatures, widespread increasing drought, runaway mass extinction.  

A very concerning and rapid disordering / weakening of the terrestrial electromagnetic field upon which all biological creatures (including human) depend on for health, sanity, sustenance and life itself.

An erratic wandering of the geomagnetic poles in advance of a geomagnetic reversal or excursion.

An ongoing and projected displacement of two billion people this century.

Plummeting sperm and seed viability and degrading of reproductive / germination processes. 

A rapid decline in cognitive ability and average IQ. 

A rapid increase in dementia (now fifth leading cause of death) and cancers. 

Increasing rates of mental disorder and suicide. 

Increasing social disorder and violence. 

[ the last five above, at least in part, related to soaring levels of radiation ]

The saturation of biological lifeforms with plastic and toxins (microplastics and nanoplastic particulates are now routinely found in the human gut, blood, organs and even in placenta (which passes them on to the fetus). Infants are being born with rocket / jet fuel and industrial chemicals / pharmaceuticals in their bloodstreams. 

The harsh reality that Earth’s orbit is at this moment moving Earth into a zone of space that is densely littered with comet debris that includes many very large civilization-ending and species-extincting chunks. 

- - -

The practice of ‘mindfulness’ (in premodern / ancient cultures around the globe) was literally regarded as actual medicine and was not limited to the cushion. The cushion practice was to cultivate off-the-cushion in-the-world mindfulness that results in an acute clarity of just-what-really-is in the mind/body/ecosystem /space continuum which is one space.

The medical intent of mindfulness practice (‘sati’ ... recollection / remembering) ... before it was mainstreamed, recontextualized and strategically retooled in the interests of social control and bourgie self-obsession that protect consumer capitalism and profit projections ... was to cultivate a clear sense of the effects of our innate embeddedness in terrestrial and exoterrestrial patterns / processes (that are vastly larger than us and that drive physiological and neurological patterns / processes) which enables a conscious recalibration / balancing of our physiological and neurological systems in order to protect individual / collective health and sanity (to the degree that it is possible in any given state of fluctuating circumstances).

It was the prevention of pathological alienation from place, perceptual dissociation, self-obsession and it kept the human animal acutely attuned to what we are, where we are, how where we are / what we are work, what has happened in the past and most importantly what is happening now, now, now and what will inevitability happen. 

It wasn’t about cultivating a happy ‘self’. It was all about cultivating a sane, healthy, informed group / community / species of human animal in the face of indisputable and perpetual uncertainty that represents a very real and ongoing collective human existential crisis here in Earth.

Modern people are in a state of thick amnesia. They have forgotten what is most important and they defend themselves against remembering because remembering very effectively dismantles the rickety illusion of self-existence that the modern human animal so cherishes and clings to ... even mindfulness students and teachers. 

If the practice of mindfulness is all about an insular hallucination of, and obsession with, a separate ‘self’, then it is actively contributing to a deadly collective amnesia and collective immorality in this age of accelerating uncertainty that is seriously rearranging Earth, collapsing this rickety civilization and very possibly even eliminatIng 90-95% of terrestrial life this century (as has repeatedly happened even in the near distant past).

Remembering is a radical act and an urgently needed medicine now that may enable the survival of the only remaining iteration of ‘human’ ... and tick tock, tick tock, tick tock ... it’s long past time to wake up.

If we are to be effective teachers of mindfulness, with the mountain of responsibility that accompany the role, then we need to include these foundational questions at the center of our own practice to avoid causing / furthering confusion and suffering in our students / clients and to not waste our own fleetingly brief life lost in a labyrinth of conditioned / received patterns of thought and habitual emotional reactivity.

[ note: recent peer-reviewed research is available for the hard-to-believe bits mentioned above ... please ask me if interested ]


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I hear @Jeff Miller compelling us to see beyond our physical human experience. I find that often challenging in day to day life. However, practicing mindfulness has helped tremendously. I particularly liked this question from the list:

 What is this moment asking of me?

When I tune into the moment with my family, I can really see them, be with them, enjoy them!  I laugh with my girls more when I tune into the present moment.
The moment is definitely reminding me to stay in it and not perseverate on worry or regret, which have been my habit. It is also asking me to be authentically me without worry of judgement, which also feels refreshing!

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Thank you for the additional questions to consider, Jeff.

Amy, what a beautiful response to: 'What is this moment asking of me?'

If I reflect on that question now, I come up with:

This moment is asking me to soften my belly, and to let my breath naturally slow. To drop my shoulders and to stay 'here' rather than in conceptions about what is coming two steps ahead.

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