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Hi My name is Mridu Pasrija.  I'm excited to be part of this community.  It's been a year since I joined and about 10 months since I got certified as  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.   My passion is to bring Mindfulness and Meditation to the Workplace and to schools 'Transform the workplace, Empower the Future.'  This year I offered a 30 day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge at the company I work for.  I've also been leading meditations at work since 2016, and privately since 2015.

I have my first 2 speaking engagements this month, and am super excited.  I hope to grown and expand my own practice while helping others do the same!


Thank you!

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Hi @Mridu, pleased to meet ya! I was wondering if you could send me more info about your 30 day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge you offered at work. Curious about the areas you cover during the challenge. I've been trying to learn more about incorporating practices at/for work (I just posted a thread about it here the other day).  I think you can send me a private message if that's ok!


And huge congratulations on your upcoming presentations! 🥳

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Hi Mridu! Welcome to the community and thank you for the introduction! The workplace is often an overlooked area when it comes to mindfulness, so I'm glad to hear about the work you are doing. Congrats on the speaking engagements! 🙂
There's a club you might be interested in that has been created for mindfulness teachers. Here's the link if you'd like to join: 


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