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John MacKinnon


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Hi John,

Welcome aboard! We are glad to have you! i am Boston born & raised, though transplanted to Texas in 2014! (I miss my RI Shoreline walks)

I have a Global Mindful Meditation Group on Facebook if you would like to join us; no pressure; despite our 252 Members, we sure could use some new blood in there; here is the Facebook's link:


I have been working up to doing Mindful Meditations & just beginning to! I seem to have one big fan from India, so guess that's a Start! Here is the my our, (meaning my "Global Mindful Meditation Group). Let me know if I can do anything to help you here! Check out our Dashboard; we usually have a Zoom Q & A with Sean on Wednesdays, though I am sure he is off today! Here's is the Link to it:


Welcome again! Namaste!

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Hi John! Thank you for the lovely introduction. I am from Toronto but currently based in Stockholm. I moderate the community here and can help you to find any sort of resources you might be looking for. Any questions, feel free to ask.

In terms of daily practice, have you seen the 100 day mindfulness challenge? That might be a nice way to get introduced to a variety of techniques and topics related to mindfulness.

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