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Amy 🌸

mindfulness/meditation money?

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To be blunt—do people make money teaching mindfulness and meditation?

I teach one college level course and just signed on with a new start-up not making any money yet...it’s hard to justify paying for trainings when I don’t make much money doing this work.

At the same time, it’s one of those gifts you just want to give to everyone on the planet 😆

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Great question Amy. Anyone in this group have thoughts to share?

I think you definitely can but that 1) it can take time to make a full living (if that is what you desire) and 2) it can help to diversify your offerings. So for instance, I am first and foremost a writer, but everything I write about falls within the overarching categories of mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality. I also have an Insight Timer account and teach a few workshops and online sessions.

I think many people pair their mindfulness and meditation teachings with something else. For instance, a therapist or wellness practitioner might weave mindfulness into the work that they do with clients. Alternatively, someone who works in an HR department might bring mindfulness into their everyday interactions and also host classes or workshops for employees.

I would say that if you are passionate about teaching mindfulness, trust the calling and embrace the journey. In the beginning, it might not look exactly how you hope it will, but it will unfold overtime alongside your own growth.

Do you have another field of work at the moment?

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