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gratitude from the past

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hello mindfulness exercises community-

this afternoon, i was sitting at my kitchen table (aka my desk now), watching the first snow flurries of the season here on the east coast and plugging along through my day.  during a break, i glanced at my phone, and noticed i had an audio message from a local, though unknown number.  when i listened, a flood of warmth and gratitude washed through me.  it was from a mother of a former student...from 20 years ago!  her daughter is now 27 and living in paris. 

her message was one of sheer appreciation- 'i was reflecting on the wonderful teacher and woman you are and how you came into my kiddo's life at just the time you were needed.  i know you are creating incredible things and hope that you continue to spread your love, selflessness, and intellect with children both in schools as well as with your own family.'

wow!  what a rare gift.  not a text or an email, but a live, able to be kept recording.  i am feeling humbled and beyond grateful.  very much in this moment.

wanted to share as a reminder that our day to day work, which may seem small at the time, can really leave a lasting impression.  magical.

best to all-


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