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December 2nd - Sean's 5 Mindful Musings

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enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness

Hi All! 

Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life.

An Event I'm Interested In 
Wise and Compassionate Action: Creating Tech Worthy of the Human Spirit. Jack Kornfield is a Founding Senior Advisor to this collective of impressive thought leaders who serve tech leaders and teams with the tools, knowledge, and community to create tech that brings out the best in all of us. This December 15th event should be an interesting discussion, with Jack sharing a meditation for us to start. (Note: No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.)

A Quote I Like
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right." - Henry Ford

New Mindfulness Exercises I Just Shared Freely
- Is It Selfish To Want Happiness? As human beings we want nothing more than to be happy. And yet, do we really believe we deserve it? Among the barriers to our happiness is the insidious idea that it’s selfish to want happiness. It’s not. In fact, not pursuing happiness may be the most self-indulgent thing we can do. 
- What It Means To Protect The Mind & Why It Matters. Our minds are our most valuable asset. Mindful living requires a healthy mind and without it, we can’t realize our full potential. Mindfulness helps protect our minds, and a protected mind makes mindfulness more attainable. Learn what it means to protect your mind, and why it matters.


An Important Lesson On Trauma Sensitivity
Understanding the Window of Tolerance. Understanding and working with the concept of the "window of tolerance" can help our meditation practice to feel safe and stable. It is only within this window of tolerance (or window of safety) that we can continue the mindful work of releasing past trauma.

A Poem I Love

The Debate

I’m listening to my father and his brother,
both in their eighties, debate their childhood
from adjoining La-Z-Boy recliners.
"We had no toys," my father insists.
"What are you talking about, no toys?"
My uncle practically leaps from his chair,
except he can’t, on account of his back and his legs
and his feet and his hips. "We had tons of toys!"
Then he lists them: the playing cards
("Those don’t count," my father says);
the train set ("Oh, yeah, I forgot about the train set");
the sleds — "Did anyone else on our block have sleds?"
Uncle Barry asks. "Nineteen-forty, people are crawling
out of the Great Depression on hands and knees, tell me:
Did anyone on our block besides us have a sled?"
My father’s father had a good job delivering newspapers
and brought home sixty-five dollars a week,
enough for Chinese food every Friday
and cupcakes on birthdays.
"We really didn’t have birthday parties,"
my father contends, and my uncle lunges at this.
"What are you talking about?
What about that surprise party
when you turned thirteen?"
"That was the only time," my father counters.
Don’t even try, Uncle Barry, I almost say,
then catch myself. I want
this unwinnable argument to continue —
forever, if possible. I want
the Brooklyn music of their voices
entwined in a duet with no resolution. I want the song —
half lament, half celebration —
to go on and on and on.

- Alison Luterman, The Sun

As always, please feel free to share your feedback in our Mindfulness Community Forums. Which musing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Just add a post to the forum and let me know! 

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Wishing you well, 


Sean Fargo
Founder, Mindfulness Exercises


P.S. - Try Our 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge

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Over 10,000 people have take this challenge to become more mindful. 

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    • Hello Friends! I am Sneha Jhanb, a former student of Sean Fargo and mindfulness exercises. I am excited to join this community and learn from everyone. I live in Atlanta, GA with my kids and husband and our new puppy. I help relentless leaders sleep better and relax their way to prosperity using mindfulness, self compassion, sound healing and financial services. Most of my clients are entrepreneurial and professional women who are looking for more purpose and meaning in their life. This year, I am most excited about publishing my first ever book.  
    • Today was day 28 of my 100 day challenge. I like the fact that I'm looking forward to each morning with a different meditation. These first 28 days were the mindfulness for beginners album. I'm interested to see where the rest come from. Kindness and love for all, John
    • You are a lot kinder than i am in that respect. i am a bit of a curmudgeon and naysayer when it comes to people. 
    • Hi @Faune, Yes, there are many good and caring people who live, speak, and act in ways that support and care for the wellbeing of animals and the rest of the natural world. I can see what you are saying about our species, but I try to think that because we are here, we are natural and there is a purpose for us. We just need to figure out what that is on a collective scale. 💖
    • Thank you so very much Rachel. Your words highlight for me the complexity of things and the frequent co-existence of paradoxical emotions. It can be difficult to put our finger on what is going through the mind, heart, and body since these feelings are transient. In one moment, hope. In the next, anger or cynicism. You have highlighted your own experience of multidimensionality this week beautifully.  And this. Yes! Words are incredibly powerful. And poetry is a unique vessel that brings words directly into heart and soul. My own mind today has been shifting between focused and scattered. For periods of time I have been concentrated on my work and on my practice (mantra, self-compassion, and journaling today). And during other periods of the day, well, my mind has been a little bit all over the place.  One thing that helped to put my mind at ease today was when one of my dogs sauntered over to me and sat in front of me, staring up at me with her dark brown eyes. In that moment, the planning/worrying/anxious mind just melted away and I tuned back into the present moment. I held her and an immense wave of gratitude washed over me. It helped me to remember what matters most in life - love.
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