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Lost seeking Something I guess

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I told you there are a lot of different doors! I am a qualified huge fan of Pema Chodron (qualified because she was silent about the sex abuse of the leader in her lineage and an apologist for him)), but I don't think she is the best place to start. Again, it depends on your inclination. Bhante G, as Henepola Gunaratana is popularly known, is great too. The reason I suggested Jack Kornfield's book is because he is a great story teller while Bhante G is more concise. Everyone's recommendations are good as far as I am concerned. My guess is is that Jeff is less inclined to Jack because Jack is more involved in the popularization, dilution, and corporatization of "Mindfulness." In my opinion there is some truth in that, although not nearly to the same extent as with Jon Kabat-Zinn. (I am one of those crazy folks who think bona fide teachers in the Buddhist tradition should be offering their teachings free and relying on the generosity of donors; if they have to work a day job to get by so be it, but they should not charge for teachings.) To me, Jack simply has a gentle and seductive way of inviting the movement toward peace and ease which might be a good place to begin. All of the above are teachers in Buddhist traditions which may or may not be your cup of tea.

The internet is a great resource to read about these folks and sample some of their offerings. And don't forget Tara Brach, suggested by Gillian, as a possibility. She has a lot online now too and is perhaps more secular although she and Jack collaborate quite a bit. The founder of this site, Sean Fargo, also has a lot of great offerings online that are suited to beginners (and an ample amount of them are freely offered). Please don't take my suggestions as being authoritative because I'm no expert. I'm simply a fellow journeyer. My basic home-base is not even on the list!

Oh, by the way, I like the new avatar too.

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