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Daniel A. Detwiler

Mindfulness is just attention

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There was a quote from John Kabatt-Zinn on Day 70 of Mindfulness Exercises. He said that while mindfulness is said to be at the "heart of Buddhism" it is not about Buddhism but simply about concentration. However, there is a real danger in divorcing the two. Mindfulness is being used, reportedly, to improve the ability of sharpshooters to kill their "targets" by armed forces. I realize those targets are probably trying to kill those who shoot to kill them. Somehow, there is still a violation of anything Buddha would ever have wanted for Mindfulness to help with by this type of use. If it is only concentration, nor morality involved necessarily. If it is to contemplate ways to remedy unsatisfactorisness, or suffering in life, there is a set of ethics attached. So, be aware that divorced from the Buddhist ethics of loving kindness, compassion and equanimity "just concentration" can be effective and deadly. Daniel

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when i hear the word mindfulness - i think consideration and compassion are a part of that meaning, aside from concentration - so if sharpshooters are enhancing their concentration to kill - they aren't being mindful - they are just improving their focus and concentration and should probably stop using the word mindful and stick to saying that they are improving concentration -that's my 2 cents for today -its tiresome to see how eastern philosophies are getting watered down and manipulated these days...



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