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Question: Do we have a Tech Issue Topic?

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Hey, Gillian, RE: Tech Issue/Question

I don't know whether you can answer; if we are in the middle of a Post; actually I had a rather Brain-flourishing post, and lost it all, not because of this site, though my Wifi went flukey, without me realizing it, and I lost the whole post!

My Question: Just as our "Drafted Emails" get saved, is there anyway if we were in the middle of a Post, is there a way those can be saved without losing them? Not reaching for the impossible, just reaching...:) Thanks.

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Hey Rick,

Sometimes I find that I accidentally swipe backwards in a weird way while mid-post and my screen takes me back to the main forum. Sometimes, when I return to the text box where I wanted to make my post, the content is still there. This isn't always the case though - sometimes I need to start from scratch. 

One thing you could do if the wifi cuts in and out often is to type your response in a Word document and then paste and post when you're ready.

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Hi @Gillian Sanger-

When I went to log into Mindfulness Exercises Teacher Certification page to access Treleaven's talk, I am getting an error message that my user name (email) is not recognized? I am definitely enrolled in the program; and assumed that the same login for this forum are my credentials.  Is that not the case?  How else would I be recognized so I can access?

Thank you so. much.


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Hi Rachel,

I am so sorry that you weren't able to access it. I have no idea why that would be, but I see that Kaila has helped to get it sorted out for you. Let me know if you've gotten in.


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