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100 Day Challenge.

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am doing my day 7 What I noticed from this week's practice was? Am having gratitude in my doing in my life and having great relationships around me.

I have a person that I really love  and getting married to.

I'm grateful to be myself what am doing things that I love to do by being busy.

I wont judge myself and others and I will try to help out whenever I can.

Things that will help me stay  focused on my practice next week are? writing and keep a journal and detailed their gratitude in a happy way.

practice  gratefulness and sense of respect toward others.

practice greater interconnections.

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When I finish seeing my friends and my fiance I do my day 8 challenge last night for a mediation with the sunset away from the distractions when am eating my dinner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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I just finish doing Day 13 yesterday My friend of mine want me to help her only one thing it was transplantation from the past.

She is a hard headed and being difficult when she is talking about the past with me and my fiance and we felt uncomfortable and me and my fiance try to tell her but sh is running her mouth off like my grandma, so me and my fiance just walk walk away from her. She notice that me and my fiance don't want to hear it.

She want us to help her out with her parents and we will not help her out and she is not acting like a friend to me and my fiance to.

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I write up my day 14 challenge my areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are at my aunt's house also at my parents house even my apartment and my fiance's apartment.

When  am talking to my people any where in my life and I will be forgiving myself without judgement.

I'm showing compassion to my co-worker boss and my best friends also two of my families even my fiance.

Am being kind to one friend of mine and I'm not ready to show compassion right now because she doesn't do that to me and I don't see her that much because she lives out of state but me and her are staying contact each other

I finish my 14 challenge today.

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