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Ali Zien

Day 50 Celebration!

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This topic is improvised and not organized, I just wrote whatever came to my mind.

P.S: Hey Gillian ^_^ ♥

I've came so far thanks to the prayers of my beloved ones and to the angel sent by God to guide me through this journey.

Today I am celebrating my great milestone! I never imagined in my life I would come this far and if you have read my first topic you would know how miserable I was and I felt hopeless about any changes or to have the will to move past addiction and depression.

for the past 50 days I had few flaws, some days I broke my diet and some days I experienced deep grief and sobbed the entire day in despair,  I had also two days where I dipped down and relapsed back to addiction, but the only thing I was committed to was 20 min of meditation everyday and if I wasn't overwhelmed by tiredness and busy schedule I practiced yoga everyday.

I feel like I've grown into something wiser and much more mature, I don't concern myself much now with wanting but with serving instead.

Today I was reading chapter ten of the power of now, the meaning of surrender, and I did notice that during this journey I didn't let my ego have any expectations of what it should be like:

" I must lose this amount of weight in 2 months"

"I must make no mistakes at all"

"I must wake up everyday at 4 am and be productive"

"I must only eat healthy food"

I started to practice "Non judgement" and "Self-compassion", just two days ago I was binge eating on pizza and cakes, but I didn't consider it as a "failure", just kept going and went with the flow of life instead of resisting. at one day I got really overwhelmed by grief and instead of telling myself "I must work today and do that or that" I just went back to bed and started sobbing the entire day and barely did anything and I am proud of myself for doing that.

at some days I've dropped my guard down and enjoyed some pizza with family, later my ego would scold me for doing that "WE WON'T LOSE WEIGHT" and other ego drama stories, but I just shut this voice and I tell him "go pound sand".

one of the most important lessons I did learn is to limit compassion with wisdom, sometimes I would take responsibility for others' suffering and I would sacrifice my own happiness and comfort to please them, but came this person who played a dirty trick that taught me this lesson that I should prioritize  myself first and to be compassionate with myself. 

also other aspect is to be compassionate toward myself that there are things I can't do or control, I can't expect myself to work hard everyday and I can't expect myself to feel happy all the time, but to apply wisdom is to set a minimum amount of effort not to fall beyond it.

last thing I started to appreciate it's value is listening and silence, yesterday my sister started to vent about all her life situations and in the beginning I started to point to her some flaws and negative beliefs in her speech I saw that she started to get bothered by me interrupting her and also she didn't appreciate my advices, so I started to practice bringing presence to dissolve her pain body by listening and "helping her relieve her suffering", at final, I did discover that she didn't actually have any problems at all but she just wanted someone to listen to her and to release this built up negativity, in the end I just told her very simple words and she appreciated them so much and felt so much joy. also I found so much peace in not being driven by the incessant urge to share my opinion and to speak, also ironically I was at my English club and the instructor asked a question: "What does dread mean ?", I answered: "Heavy feeling", he said "No, it means heavy fear".

instead of being bothered by him not giving me appreciation or credits, I just said "I guess they are the same" and shrugged.

I started to enjoy not being like Hermione 😄  and to give others space to speak and answer questions, fortunately I know all the answers but I just like to be compassionate and let others enjoy learning 



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Hi Ali! Wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for this update and for sharing all these insights you have uncovered in these last few days. First thing I want to say - I love the Hermione/Harry image! I actually just watched this movie the other day 😄

You bring up so many really great points and insights. The one that stands out to me the most is the power and beauty of softening the expectations we set for ourselves. Often, we think that 'healing' or 'mindfulness' means not having any of those emotions or feelings we deem to be negative, but this just isn't the case. I think it is so important to be able to bring compassion and patience to ourselves no matter what we are experiencing. And, paring that with wisdom is a wonderful practice as well!

It's also very touching to hear the story you've shared about your conversation with your sister. So often we share our opinions when what another person really wants is simply to be seen and heard. I'm definitely guilty of this myself! It's beautiful to hear you were mindful of this during your interaction with her and were able to shift gears. 🙂

Congrats on this new milestone and I look forward to your next update! 

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Gillian, your comments always makes me heart joyous!

Thank you so much for your presence ♥

honestly, I share these topics periodically just to say hello to you ^_^

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    • Hi All,  Not to upstage, Sean; you might be able to access his direct seminar; here's the link; I watched both of these:          https://davidtreleaven.com/webinar/  >>>Very Powerful! Let me know if this works...I took six pages of notes!!! You may have to submit your email to gain access!  Namaste!
    • Oh wow...this is definitely a great question.  i personally could use more Mindfulness in my work life and Rest time... Those are key things in my life that I need to be more mindful.
    • I agree with the comments above.... the last few months I have been tremendously busy and haven't been able to be on here, but thankfully now I can be here. I am very thankful for this community and the opportunity to be apart. i believe that every human seeks and desire to be apart of something meaningful, especially a group or team of individuals with like mind and mutual encouragement to name a few things....... I am always grateful to chime in here and get encouraged in way or another. Thank  you Gillian and everyone who post here. It makes a wonderful difference, especially in times that we are living in. Much Gratitude  for you Gillian!! One more, if I may. I have much Gratitude for one of my clients who has greatly encourage me through my branching off  into my own practice....in such a time as this. It has not been the challenge that it could have been with everything thats going on with COVID and the extra precautions having to be taken. This partitcular client always has an encouraging word that has caused me to be encouraged, look at all things positive and press forward. 
    • [ some thoughts about ‘mindfulness’ and feelings ... noting that I described myself as a conservative but unconventional Dharma practitioner in my profile ] From the linked Nature dot com article:  ***** “In conclusion our model shows that a catastrophic collapse in human population, due to resource consumption, is the most likely scenario of the dynamical evolution based on current parameters.  Adopting a combined deterministic and stochastic model we conclude from a statistical point of view that the probability that our civilisation survives itself is less than 10% in the most optimistic scenario.  Calculations show that, maintaining the actual rate of population growth and resource consumption, in particular forest consumption, we have a few decades left before an irreversible collapse of our civilisation. Making the situation even worse, we stress once again that it is unrealistic to think that the decline of the population in a situation of strong environmental degradation would be a non-chaotic and well-ordered decline.” ***** So, when factoring in that global temps are projected to increase 3-5 C degrees with an exponential increase in catastrophic weather events / mass extinction within just 30 years ... noting that at around a 2 C increase we’ll experience widespread global famine (and war) due to failed seed viability and heat-exhausted soil ... and also noting that at around a 4 C increase, a phenomenon known as “hothouse climate” (an extremely rapid heating in the 8-20 C degree range), is considered likely, ... and  70-90% of all terrestrial lifeforms are projected to extinct by the end of this century (that is, within the next 80 years), ... and  civilization is projected to collapse by mid-century (that is, within the next 30 years), ... then it becomes crystal clear that the human species (including each of us), right now, is in serious existential crisis, and that this crisis is rapidly expanding, and that the remainder of this century is going to make 2020 look like a lovely summer picnic in the park with kittens, rainbows, lime sherbet, endless giggles and ‘likes’.  Personally, I would find the idea of practicing ‘mindfulness’, as an attempt to change the quality of my perception during this horrific cataclysm to lightness and joy and peace and laughter, to be unseemly, evidence of habitual unconscious privilege, insensitive, self-absorbed, dissociative, strikingly incongruent with the harsh actualities of this age of runaway climate chaos / runaway mass extinction / runaway social breakdown ... and at great odds with the original (narrow) intent of mindfulness practice which was to attentively cultivate an acute > preference-free < clarity of just what actually is and how just what actually is actually works, internally and externally (which are literally one space).  Mindfulness practice isn’t about masking  the harshness of life here in this tiny vulnerable mote of dust, water, fire and air that is whizzing around a colossal volatile flaming sphere in an infinite ocean of churning, electromagnetically unstable, hazardous space.  It isn’t even about feeling good (though that MAY sometimes happen in a committed consistent practice, it is not the intent).  It isn’t a tool to protect us from our uncomfortable / confused / painful feelings as everything collapses around us (and, just around the bend of time, even within us). It is a tool we can safely use to amplify, attune to, listen to, and learn from them, no matter how much we don’t love experiencing them. This is actual medicine.  Mindfulness practice is about nakedly acknowledging the harshness and dissatisfactoriness of existing as a broken, pathologically alienated and deeply confused animal, in a wild body of dynamic flesh, bones, air and water, in a sick society, here in this tumultuous terrestrial sphere where life eats life to survive, in this great dying time, as each of us, individually, are also dying, because the experience / trajectory of all biological lifeforms (including human) is birth, aging, sickness, dying and death, with no exception. Simultaneously, it is about clearly acknowledging our actual (sensory) feelings as we work to wake up to an unvarnished unembellished perception of what we are (exceedingly fragile, vulnerable, dependent, short-lived elements of the human biome), where we are (see the bits above about “tiny mote of dust” and “wild body”), what is happening where we are (endless churning interactive change), and what is inevitably going to happen (collapse and death).  This doesn’t mean that lightness and joy and happiness and peace can’t happen during this age of uncertainty. They certainly can. It does mean that chasing after lovely and light, without acknowledging and developing an ongoing open receptive depth relationship with muck and thorns and dark and shit, will result in more muck and thorns and dark and shit. No shit, no flowers ...  If we’re feeling the need to ‘joy up’, then the chances are good that we’re not giving clear enough attention to something that we prefer would go away. Ego prefers candy. Mindfulness practice, like everything else, can be subverted and exploited by ego for more candy. As mindfulness teachers, it is our job to guide students toward giving equal attention and value to what they habitually ignore / deny / push away / bury / fear. If we can’t do this for ourselves, then we’re not ready to teach mindfulness and will, in fact, cause harm if we do.  Research here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-63657-6 Article here:  https://www.vice.com/en/article/akzn5a/theoretical-physicists-say-90-chance-of-societal-collapse-within-several-decades?fbclid=IwAR3N0tKgXFbHr0__Vml1tl1TYrusY3UWhzKfcGofk9TuJGUuAO15ODIKj1Q  
    • Thanks for letting me know about Rupert's website. I did watch a youtube of him with Depak Chopra called "Being Aware of Being Aware", the title of his latest book. He quickly made mention of the relationship of a fundamental consciousness to individual consciousness. It was hard to follow. I will check out the website and see if I can ask the question about  his ideas on the individual in relationship to consciousness. Thanks.
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