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Gillian Sanger

Mindfulness teachers: how are you reaching people?

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For all the mindfulness and meditation teachers here, I am curious: how are you reaching people during these times? Are you still teaching in-person or are you using apps, online courses, or video conferencing?

If you have any tips for how to share our work online (such as specific apps, course building websites, etc.) I'd love to learn more.

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    • The person that comes to mind for me now is my therapist. I saw her for a couple of years a few years ago, and then sometime during this past summer, I reached out to see if she was holding virtual sessions. Due to covid, she was. I have since had a few sessions with her again. She is thoughtful and curious, kind and compassionate. She meets me where I'm at and yet still pushes me to consider other alternatives and new ways of thinking. I remember when I first met her many years ago, she said something about the fact that she wouldn't have any answers for me. In this way she doesn't claim to hold or know any truth absolutely; rather, she helps me to tap into my own truth and to honour my inner wisdom.
    • Beautiful Erin! I love journal writing as well. It helps me to really check in with myself and release/express whatever is moving through me.
    • As I was watching the Video RE: The 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn & when he spoke of the Letting Go attitude, I was reminded of the Serenity Prayer from a Religious perspective: God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, Courage to to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference. ( Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr). I am usually reminded, those "things" I can change 99.9% of the time, is my attitude! The "Wisdom" for me was usually failings from wanting that Control! Hence, the magic has been knowing the difference between Controlling a situation, yet, however, Managing a situation. (Sidebar, Gillian---the re-editing the Italics worked today).
    • I am very grateful for a friend who has taught me so much about acceptance and contentment.  She and her family lived in a very small house with a tiny kitchen without even room for the refrigerator that sat on a landing to the basement.  Every meal and every day were made to feel welcome with her homemade muffins, a special adornment for the table,  appreciations  for the small things in life.  She marked each change of season with special decor - the emphasis was not on the smallness of the house but the warmth and attention to detail.  She has been caring for her husband for the past ten years - he is now close to transitioning and she never complains about the care and time she provides and he also, has never complained about his condition. He is grateful to her for his care and she is grateful to him for his amazing fortitude in spite of the challenge of his illness.   Her friendship has been a true gift and I am so grateful to be her friend.
    • am doing my day 7 What I noticed from this week's practice was? Am having gratitude in my doing in my life and having great relationships around me. I have a person that I really love  and getting married to. I'm grateful to be myself what am doing things that I love to do by being busy. I wont judge myself and others and I will try to help out whenever I can. Things that will help me stay  focused on my practice next week are? writing and keep a journal and detailed their gratitude in a happy way. practice  gratefulness and sense of respect toward others. practice greater interconnections.
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