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Gillian Sanger

Inner seasons

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As the part of the world I am in transitions into autumn, I can feel this season alive in my inner world as well. For me, it feels like a period of letting go, of transformation, of surrender, of turning inwards. I feel called to slow down, both physically and mentally, and the external season of autumn feels supportive of that.

How are you relating to whatever external season you find yourself in? Does it mirror what is happening within you or is your inner cycle moving at a different rhythm?

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Autumn is always a mixed bag for me. I love it-the colors, the cooler weather, the sense of coziness that come with it, the resuming of cooking and remembering what it is  do cook at that time. There is a bit of nesting that goes on too. At the same time I know what follows-cold, snow, paying for heat and the last one stresses me out even more than when I lived somewhere a little warmer. Though not  terrible mindful I am sure I can feel the fall coming even occasionally during the summer. It is a beautiful and wonderful season though with pumpkins and the leaves and the smells and I will say that unlike most (all?) I like the earlier darkness. 

I also really like the quote.It really gives the feel of the season.

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