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Ali Zien

gratitude for protection

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Today I've faced death twice but I was saved twice and I felt really scared that I could die at any given moment by everything and anything, but also I felt deep gratitude that I was being protected by higher being/God and how each passing moment as though we are not present and not grateful yet his majesty is still protecting us and showering us in his mercy and kindness that we don't have to worry about anything as our bodies functions just as the entire universe flow in harmony without any errors. I don't need to worry about drinking water and dying because the water might get stuck in my throat, I don't need to worry about if I am going to eat tonight or not, if I am going to wake up from my sleep or not, if someone is going to break into my house, if any of my family members or friends get hurt or dies.

we practice surrendering but unconsciously and we take these things for granted and we consider them to be "simple"... but when truly "simple things" occurs in our life like a bill or an exam, we stop practicing  surrendering and we start resisting and worrying.

few situations that did happen to me and how I was protected by a higher consciousness/being/God:

-Today I was on the roof watching the sky and in Egypt our roofs has exposed standing steel bars in the concrete just like that image

and I slipped on a small rock and almost fell on one of them...but I was protected.

-in Egypt, in our balconies we have ropes to spread the laundry to dry, so I was doing that and while I was leaning forward I almost fell out of balance...but I was protected.

-I was once crossing the road and the driver was in a hurry that he didn't pay attention to me, if I was one fraction of second late I would have died but instead the wheel stepped over the back of my shoes and didn't harm my ankles, the driver didn't even notice and he kept driving.....but I was protected.

-yesterday I was doing the dishes with bare hands and I was washing the edge of a knife which had butter and it was so smooth that it almost slipped and could have slit my fingers...but I was protected.

-few years ago when I was 18 my dad was recently had a stroke and I was the one responsible to take care of the finances of the house, long story short the water bill collector came to my house with a warning that I've to pay 7500 water bill (for an entire year we didn't pay the water bill because my family was paying the expenses of my father care in the hospital after he had a stroke)...the guy threatened that he will take me to court (for tax evasion ) if I didn't pay him tomorrow 5k, won't go through a lot of details but yes I was devastated and I broke down and I cried so hard and I prayed that God save me from this situation.... and he did save me and protect me.

-in the same year, in Egypt we have an electricity police office department to deal with tax evasion and other cases... one day I woke up because 4 guys was knocking (not ringing the bell, this might give you a glimpse of how aggressive they are) on my door, when I did open the door they went in and started shouting and yelling because they usually deal with people who illegally steal electricity and avoid paying taxes, so they assumed that what we did but anyway the situation was that we had to pay 6500 electricity bill, because my dad rents shops and the renters were avoiding the taxes and we were the one responsible to deal with consequences... yes I broke down and I cried hard again and I prayed so hard that God save me from this situation...and he did save me and protect me.



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Care to share few situations that you were protected by the ultimate love and the beloved one (God) ?

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Wow! What touching stories Ali. I am so happy to know that you are safe and well.

What comes to mind for me is not a time when I was in physical danger but a time when I felt that I could not bear the weight of grief mixed with anger any longer. I was on my yoga mat in child's pose, sobbing into the floor. For weeks up until that point, I was trying to argue with the reality of a situation - trying to rationalize my way through it. But in that moment on my yoga mat, by candlelight after the sun had set, I let go of trying to fix and control the situation. I said to the universe something like, "I give it up to you. Please help me. I can't do this on my own."

When I woke up the next morning, something had changed. The person with whom I was having these difficulties with experienced an insight that same day and offered an apology for the situation that had occurred. I really believe that it was in my letting go - in my surrendering the need for things to be different, or to receive an apology or recognition - that I was granted what I needed.

So perhaps this isn't about protection specifically... but indeed it is about a universal support that I received.

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Hey Gillian, Thank you so much for sharing with me.

I am really grateful that you went through such unpleasant experience because it was necessary as Eckhart says "Suffering is necessary until it's not", it's a lesson God will keep repeat till we surrender and let him guide us through life just as a loving father would guide a straying child. I do believe God is formless and he isn't male or a female, I just used an expression to elaborate my point/insight... I think I should use "universe" next time because it doesn't imply any mental images of an entity

Eckhart also said "In being there is vast amount of intelligence", so when ever I've a life situation and I need a solution, I start to surrender and it's simple process of just being present while your mind keep drifting into "problem solving" you bring it back or observe how for each solution the mind brings up another problem.

and eventually when the "right time" comes you will have all the resources and answers you need, but dealing with a "problem" in the "future" is impossible and even if you find a solution the mind will create another mental problem just like an infinite cycle.

Thankfully you have witnessed the power of surrender by yourself, when you stopped relying on the mind and just accepted Life/God/Universe, this higher supreme being changed the entire universe just for you because you were one with the one.

Love and prayers to you from the land of pharaohs ♥ be present ^_^ 

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    • This would be the first of the tech issues here. You can send me a message with what you've noticed and I'll pass it on to tech support.
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