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Ali Zien

Day 30 Celebration !

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Hello my beloved friends ♥

Today I brought you a further greater accomplishment, The past month I've created a progress tracker to see how well I will be committed to a life-changing plan.

The plan orients around few habits and tasks to be made daily, 20 min of meditation, yoga ,eating healthy and abstaining from toxic bad habits... sleeping and waking early ( not always 😄 )

I've made many progress trackers but I never lasted this far, but this month was so different because God have sent an angel ( a mother figure that replaced the love of my mother who passed away more than 10 years ago when I was a little boy ) into my life and she filled my life with love and joy.. my heart was dry and depressed from all the suffering it went through but the angel came into my life and healed my heart and now my heart is blossoming with joy and gratitude ♥

a lot have happened in this month that I can't even count but I will try to share few glimpses because I feel like I can't express my gratitude with words ^_^

-having someone to support me and to care about made me much much stronger and happier, I pray everyday in gratitude that God brought her presence in my life as I also see her as a manifestation of God's love.

-I am grateful that I've a community to share my wins with ♥

-I am grateful that my beloved God have provided me with money and support from my family to seek a professional help

-I am grateful because I started seeing a psychiatrist and she made a healing plan for me, she said it consist of:

           *Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

           *Emotion Management 

           * Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

- I am grateful that I've committed  to practicing yoga and I've committed to IGNITE 28 days yoga program (Breathe and flow)  and thankfully my physical condition became much better,look so young and bright, lost good amount of weight and my back pain is almost gone and rarely appears and I've became very flexible that I can do half lotus with ease but full lotus for few seconds but I don't last longer because I am afraid of hurting my knees.

-I am grateful that I've started contributing more deeply to my family by doing chores of cleaning the house and washing the dishes every single day and also by helping my father with his physical therapy healing, I started helping him to walk and by stretching & massaging his leg and arms because he his body is crippled after a stroke.

-I am grateful that for the past 30 days I've tried my best to wake up everyday 4 AM to pray the dawn (Fajr) prayer and to meditate for 20 mins and then sipping a cup of joe while practicing gratitude 😄 

-I am grateful that I was able to contribute much to my friends and family by just bringing more presence and mindfulness in our relationship

-I am grateful that I started to develop the skill of observing and pulling attention back, I might go through the day and lose my awareness to some ego stories or mind wandering stories but as soon as I notice I do bring myself back and I started doing this more often.

-I am grateful that I did learn how the mind is creating all the suffering, just as my angel always says: "by adding narrative to the event". the mind turns a situation into a problem and turns a thought into a drama, but dis-identifying is a great gift to have and it's a very relaxing soothing and yet liberating thing to do (it helps me to sleep better at night as my mind creates a lot of stories before bed 😄 )

-I am grateful that I started to accept the fact my manifested form is okay to be imperfect because in the level of un-manifested formlessness I am perfect, it's perfectly fine to have days where our physical body is lazy and can't do much and our meditation isn't the best or short.. just doing the minimum in this situation is the best answer but most importantly is not to fall below thought level and start identifying with ego stories about lazy or bad we are.

-I am grateful that my angel would scold my ego whenever I started creating unnecessarily drama but also she was there to guide and to love me when I needed help and support during challenging life situations  ♥ she made me realize my true worth and how valuable I am and also how wonderfully beautiful I am ♥

-I am grateful that bringing mindfulness into my study helped me advance much much better and yet I am not judging myself for not studying for many hours a day, I usually study (2-3) hours a day using pomodorro timer.

-I am grateful that as much as I had a lot of joy through this journey, I am more grateful for having a firm ground to stand on instead of bouncing between happiness and depression. I feel more stable and calm, yet I get triggered sometimes and my mind starts creating drama and urges arise but it's so much easier now to realize my own presence and the mind stories so I can easily dis-identify .

this is what present in my heart right now, but I am sure there is a lot much to be grateful for because I have a dancing heart ^_^.

I am sure @Gillian Sanger will be the first one to comment, so I just want to tell her I love you from the bottom of my heart and that you so wonderful and your presence is so precious and valuable... Thank you so much for bringing much joy and love to this community ♥

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Here I am... commenting first as you predicted! 😄

Thank you so much for this update. I was thinking about checking in to see how things were progressing. This is incredible. I am so happy that you have found a sense of grounding and stability within yourself and that you are embracing all imperfections that arise with being human. I know from experience that this can be very, very difficult, but it is a necessary part of the journey deeper into compassion and acceptance.

And what a deep and thoughtful gratitude practice this expression was! There is indeed much to be grateful for. My partner and I have started a 30-day practice (though it could continue) of at dinner time, each listing 5 things we are thankful for. I really think the cultivation of gratitude is a huge key to being deeply content and accepting of who and where we are.

Thanks again for this. It was lovely to read!

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looks like I am mystic man to predict your comment to be first hahaha ^_^

your presence is always soothing and I love how you write your comment with great care and love ♥

indeed, I also started with gratitude journal in the beginning of this year but I stopped journaling and I started thinking about it instead and then I started adding it in my prayers ( I pray 5 times a day as a Muslim)

and now it became an addiction for me to say "Thank you" to everyone I meet for very simple things like when the vendor gives me the change back or when the bus driver stop for me.

it's so easy now to focus always on the good things and even if something "not good" exist you simply switch your focus to what's good.


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