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Excited to get back into mindfulness

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Hi! 👋

I learned about Mindfulness a handful pf years ago. It wasn't easy getting started. (I have General Anxiety Disorder) but I stuck to it and it served me well.

Some where along the way I stopped my Mindful practice and after a few half-hearted attempts, I am so ready to shake the stress and anxiety that plague me more often than I care to admit...

I'm looking forward to getting started tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a great start to their week tomorrow.


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Hello @EmbracingWeird! Wonderful to have you in the community - and it is great to hear that you are feeling inspired to shake the stress and anxiety you have been experiencing for some time now! 

You mentioned you were getting started earlier this week - are you doing the 100 day challenge? Or have you set some other goal for yourself?

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