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Hello from Maryland!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Faith. First and foremost, I am a mother to three amazing children...who aren't children anymore! I am beginning the third part of my life and I couldn't be more excited. I have a wonderful career - I am a Children's Librarian. I am vegan for my health, the planet, and the animals. I am an aspiring Meditation Teacher. I am an avid traveler. I have a partner who couldn't be more supportive and loving. I have a new fascination with Baby Yoda and tattoos. And, I'm super excited to be a part of this community. 

I'm really excited to connect with like-minded friends and to discover more likes that I can incorporate into my life. Thank you for reading my post. I hope to chat soon.





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Hello Faith! What a lovely introduction. My name is Gillian - I'm the community moderator here, so if there are ever any questions you have about the community, let me know.

Though I'm not entirely sure what the third part entails, it sounds very exciting! What types of meditation to you practice or are you interested in teaching?

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    • Hi Gillian, I would recommend Swami Sarvapriananda's youtube video on Adveita Vedeanta and his one on Maya. The first describes what Advaita Vedanta is and the second focuses on the meaning of the world we live in, which is somehow an apperance of the eternal Atman, the God or the True Self.  I am glad you asked me to recommend a video. I had to think seriously about which to recommend. That spurred me to think what I enjoy about Swami. I had already shared that he is younger but deeply aware of his philosophy, could be funny and is joyful as well as serious when he needs to be. Today, it all came together, he is a brilliant scholar besides these things. I went to a college, now university, filled with brilliant scholars. I adored them and respected them. My major professor at SIU-Carbondale and the chairman of the Department of Higher Education were brilliant scholars as were the two directing Pediatricians I worked with in the Department of Pediatrics. It is clear that I am having a very positive transference reaction to Swami. I love his dedication to learning. He is a true master of Advaita Vedanta. So skilled, that he can admit all the challenges to it, value other philophies and religions in their particular quests and have his ear on popular culture. Quite a person. I prefer Buddhist philosophy and psychology but their scholars have met their match in Swami Sarvapriananda. Daniel
    • I really want to emphasize what I think is implicit in the others’ responses and that is kind and full acceptance of disliked traits in yourself as distinct from some sort of resignation. Those traits were not chosen by you out of malice but were the result of a wide net of causes and conditions. So, it is like embracing and protecting a wounded child, puppy or kitten—guiding it not to lash out and at the some time nurturing and transforming it. Repression and self-aggression don’t work. I suggest turning the self-critic on its head by kindly telling it: “Of course I see those traits, but far from ridiculing myself for them I applaud my recognizing them because it affords me opportunities for healing and growth.” You still can firmly resolve not to act them out again. That can be a good thing as long as you aren’t harsh on yourself if you fail in your resolve; with kindness you begin again. That is my thinking anyway.
    • Thank you Gillian and Daniel;  I will check out the meditation. I appreciate the ideas, sometimes I find myself overly self critical.  I am a big fan of Kristin Neff's work.
    • This week's question asks: What can you approach today with a beginner's mind? In theory, everything can be approached with a beginner's mind. From waking up in the morning to doing the dishes to talking with a friend, we can approach any daily interaction with openness and a lack of preconception. This question invites us to name a couple of things that we can approach today without assumptions, preconceived ideas, or expectations.
    • I, too, love both the image and the written passage. The words are very touching and beautiful, much like a poem.
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