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Educator who needed this

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I am a college biology professor who has been coping with online transitions and stressed out students...not to mention my own stressors. Mindfulness came at a great time for me and has been a wonderful way for me to come back into focus.


i look forward to sharing this with my students. I purchased the 300 meditations and worksheets. If there is enough interest, I was thinking we could do a “Mindfulness 15” three times a week...where we do a meditation and just relax with one another for 15 minutes. Of course we would need to be socially distanced and masked. Weird concept for good breathing but it is our situation. I am hoping by doing these things I can help a population of people find some focus and de-stress a  bit. Hoping they will learn some peace.

I am considering the Mindfulness Teacher course. I need to find the resources first.

Thank you for these fantastic resources!



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Hello @DorothyBelle! Wonderful to meet you here in the community. My name's Gillian - I'm the community moderator so I can help with any questions you might have related to this community.

I think your idea about 'Mindfulness 15' is wonderful. It is really amazing how even short time-outs can have such a profound impact on our state of being. Even 5 minute breathing breaks are enough to hit the reset button. 

Is it Sean's Mastermind program you are considering? I also work with community care in that program, so let me know if you have any questions! Link below:


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