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Gillian Sanger

July 1st - 5 Mindful Musings

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enhancing our non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness


Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life.

How I'm Finding More Clarity
"The Work". Bryon Katie is a master at untangling people's judgments, including mine. She is an embodiment of fierce compassion, like an unconditional friend who gives it to you straight. The Work is her famous step-by-step process, the following of which you can do from home to find some caring perspective.
Part 1: I Complain About
Part 2: One Belief At A Time
Part 3: Inquiry

What I'm Listening To
Michael Gervais' Finding Mastery interview with Bessel Van Der Kolk. Dr. Michael Gervais is a high performance psychologist who famously trained the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team in mindfulness. This specific conversation with Bessel, who is perhaps the most renowned trauma specialist in the world, offers cutting-edge insights on how we can heal our own trauma, which many of my clients have found life-changing.

Something I Feel Is Underrated
Finding The Missing Peace, a free downloadable eBook. The author, Ajahn Amaro, made my time as a monk more enjoyable with his down-to-earth teachings and his witty insights. I'm smiling right now just thinking about his humor and his big floppy ears. If you're looking for a complete primer on mindfulness and meditation, give his free ebook a try. I'd be curious if you think it's worth sharing.  

On a side note, if you want to guide meditations for others, you can get our top 8 guided meditation scripts here, all in 1 downloadable pdf.

Who I'm Grateful For
Tara Brach. She's one of the most popular mindfulness teachers in the world for a reason. She weaves together psychology, current events, vulnerability, humor and love into a beautiful tapestry of wisdom for our modern times. Without her, I'd probably be harder on myself.

Check out a video I made with her 10 Minute Guided Meditation, the audio of which was sponsored by The New York Times.  

A Poem I'm Contemplating

Are you worried about the world?
Do you think that it needs your guidance?
Don't the heavens turn by themselves?
Don't sun and moon find their places?
What masterminds all this?
What creates all the connections?
What, without any effort,
makes everything happen in its time?
Is there some hidden mechanism
that makes life be as it is?
Do things just happen to turn out
exactly the way they do?
Do clouds make the rain, or is it
rain that makes up the clouds?
What force puffs them and punctures them?
The winds rise in the north,
they blow now west, now east,
and wander across the heavens.
What, without any effort,
stirs up this unfathomable joy?

"Some people have an Atlas complex: they carry the world on their shoulders. They believe that if they put the world down, it couldn't carry on by itself. Worry and fear, they think, are the motivators for right action. If they saw the world as perfect, they think, they would be complacent and passive; they would just stay at home and cultivate their own gardens.

But what if cultivating your own garden were the best way to help the world? What if your little backyard could, with the proper care, grow enough vegetables and fruits to feed a million people? What if your gardening inspired a thousand of your neighbors to do the same? — "But a backyard can't feed a million people." — Ah, my dear fellow, it's a metaphor. I'm not talking about physical food, or even, necessarily, physical people.

Worrying about the world is a dead end. When nuclear proliferation is solved, global warming pops up. When global warming is solved, overpopulation starts looming. Then there's always the burning out of the sun, and the infinite expansion or contraction of the universe, which leaves us at zero any way you slice it.

When the mind discovers what it is, we wake up from these mortal dramas as if from a dream. All possible disasters have already happened, and if a future appears, we thread it through the eye of the needle. And whether we act or don't act, voilà: miraculously, without exception, things turn out exactly the way they do."

- Stephen Mitchell, The Second Book of the Tao


And, as always, please share your feedback in our Mindful Musings Community Forum. Which musing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Just add a post to the forum and let me know!

Wishing you well,


Sean Fargo
Founder, Mindfulness Exercises

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    • Always grateful for the thoughtful inquiries posted in this forum.  Thank you, @Gillian Sanger The turning of the seasons (of of the wheel, as my teacher refers to it) brings about both subtle and more noticeable shifts in my moods, energies, thoughts, and emotions.  As my mindfulness practices deepen, so too does my awareness of these shifts. I love the fall...something about the crispness of the air and the colors changing reminds me of the beauty that is here.  To pause and to notice it.  Yet as the winter approaches here on the east coast of the US, I sense in myself a withdrawing, or perhaps a better way to say it would be a drawing inward.  In some ways, (and even as a child I sensed this), there is a sense of protection and almost a relief at the shorter days arriving- it gives me a valid reason to stay home more, quiet, with less 'noise'.  To make more space for my introverted tendencies.  To read, sit by candlelight, slow down.  I love the cloak of darkness, the solitude (or the feeling of solitude).  I relish it actually. Hope this finds all of you healthy, safe, and at ease. Rachel
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    • enhancing non-judgmental moment-to-moment awareness Hi All!  Here is your weekly dose of "5 Mindful Musings", a brief list of what's helping me live a more mindful life. An Event I'm Interested In  Wise and Compassionate Action: Creating Tech Worthy of the Human Spirit. Jack Kornfield is a Founding Senior Advisor to this collective of impressive thought leaders who serve tech leaders and teams with the tools, knowledge, and community to create tech that brings out the best in all of us. This December 15th event should be an interesting discussion, with Jack sharing a meditation for us to start. (Note: No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.) A Quote I Like "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't -- you're right." - Henry Ford New Mindfulness Exercises I Just Shared Freely - Is It Selfish To Want Happiness? As human beings we want nothing more than to be happy. And yet, do we really believe we deserve it? Among the barriers to our happiness is the insidious idea that it’s selfish to want happiness. It’s not. In fact, not pursuing happiness may be the most self-indulgent thing we can do.  - What It Means To Protect The Mind & Why It Matters. Our minds are our most valuable asset. Mindful living requires a healthy mind and without it, we can’t realize our full potential. Mindfulness helps protect our minds, and a protected mind makes mindfulness more attainable. Learn what it means to protect your mind, and why it matters.   An Important Lesson On Trauma Sensitivity Understanding the Window of Tolerance. Understanding and working with the concept of the "window of tolerance" can help our meditation practice to feel safe and stable. It is only within this window of tolerance (or window of safety) that we can continue the mindful work of releasing past trauma. A Poem I Love The Debate I’m listening to my father and his brother, both in their eighties, debate their childhood from adjoining La-Z-Boy recliners. "We had no toys," my father insists. "What are you talking about, no toys?" My uncle practically leaps from his chair, except he can’t, on account of his back and his legs and his feet and his hips. "We had tons of toys!" Then he lists them: the playing cards ("Those don’t count," my father says); the train set ("Oh, yeah, I forgot about the train set"); the sleds — "Did anyone else on our block have sleds?" Uncle Barry asks. "Nineteen-forty, people are crawling out of the Great Depression on hands and knees, tell me: Did anyone on our block besides us have a sled?" My father’s father had a good job delivering newspapers and brought home sixty-five dollars a week, enough for Chinese food every Friday and cupcakes on birthdays. "We really didn’t have birthday parties," my father contends, and my uncle lunges at this. "What are you talking about? What about that surprise party when you turned thirteen?" "That was the only time," my father counters. Don’t even try, Uncle Barry, I almost say, then catch myself. I want this unwinnable argument to continue — forever, if possible. I want the Brooklyn music of their voices entwined in a duet with no resolution. I want the song — half lament, half celebration — to go on and on and on. - Alison Luterman, The Sun As always, please feel free to share your feedback in our Mindfulness Community Forums. Which musing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Just add a post to the forum and let me know!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive, free mindfulness trainings. Wishing you well,    Sean Fargo Founder, Mindfulness Exercises       P.S. - Try Our 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge Receive free daily mindfulness meditations, worksheets and infographics to help you start each day mindful.  Over 10,000 people have take this challenge to become more mindful.  Sign up for free HERE. 
    • Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I just wanted to start a conversation about mindfulness around the holidays. Do you have any concerns about how to approach the holidays with presence and awareness? Perhaps related to gift giving, holiday foods and drink, being with family (or perhaps being without them this year). Feel free to share what's on your mind or heart if you are approaching a holiday seasons and have some thoughts, insights, or questions about it. There are two new articles up on the Mindfulness Exercises blog related to this topic, one on mindful gift giving and one on mindful eating. 
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