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Gillian Sanger

How are you feeling?

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Thanks for this thread! Now I am feeling really addicted to the my boyfriend's attention. Since our relationships have started I can't stop thinking about him, and when I am alone I feel really painful and terrible. Our relationships are quite good, but I don't want to feel so addicted like all my mood and condition depends on whether he texts and calls me or not. Hope to find some advise here

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Thank you for the open and honest sharing @MariaDe. First, let me just say that it is wonderful you notice this tendency within yourself. It is easy to simply act out on these feelings without reflecting on them; it takes courage to acknowledge these sorts of things and begin to address them honestly.

I don't know how much advice I can give, but one thing I will say is that for me, it is has been helpful to make friends with my aloneness - my fears of being alone, my fears of being abandoned, etc. This has involved quieting the mind and just allowing myself to feel the somatic experience associated with this fear. Harnessing compassion, patience, and tenderness. Therapy has also been supportive for me, as has making time and space for myself beyond intimate relationship.

If I come across resources that might be supportive, I will add them here.

Wishing you well! 🌟


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