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Does anyone have any online events or courses they'd like to share? Given that many of us are spending more time at home, I think this could be an opportunity for a lot of us to deepen our learning - whether personally or professionally. Feel free to share anything here that you think the group might be interested in.

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Free Mindfulness Exercises Courses - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/free-online-mindfulness-courses/

Weekly Meditation Class with Tara Brach (online for now) - https://www.tarabrach.com/calendar/weekly-meditation-class-tara-bethesda-md/all/

Mindfulness Mastermind - live online workshops, resources, & courses - https://mindfulnessmastermind.com/

Power of Awareness - online training with Jack Kornfield - https://jackkornfield.com/event/the-power-of-awareness/


I will add more as I discover additional offerings. Share whatever you're aware of as well 🙂



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Here are a few virtual Sanghas and meditations (many of which are offered daily!):

Brooklyn Zen Center - Daily meditations at 7:15am and 6:15pm EDT - https://brooklynzen.org/online-dharma-offerings/

Daily (weekdays) practice with Jon Kabat-Zinn - 11am PDT - http://www.wisdom2conference.com/live

Morning meditation with Mary Stancavage - 7am PDT - https://meditationcoalition.com/event/morning-meditation/2020-04-06/

San Fransisco Zen Centre - Mon-Fri 5:50am, Sat 6:30am (see schedule for afternoon/evening sessions) - https://www.sfzc.org/online-programs/online-zendo

One Mindful Breath - Monday sessions at 7:30pm New Zealand time - http://www.onemindfulbreath.org.nz/events/mondays-online


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    • Just out of curiosity. Priyanka, how did you end up here? People move to different countries and it always fascinates me. I had a hard enough time moving form one state to another and that was only 2 1/2 hours ago.
    • My friend, Shanta, is from Bengal but has been staying with her daughter for the past few months. I can not remember where she lives but now she and her husband are unable to get back to Bengal because of the virus. It sounds like you say-different in each part you go to. Where she lives the dogs are well taken care of by the people but as you know that is not always the case. She has told me of how she would go out to eat at the vendors that line the streets and it sounds like so much fun. I read something the other day about how valuable trees are there for the vendors in particular because they are out in the heat all day. She loves India but abhors Modi and his regime which she has told me about on many occasions. Trump's pal-how good could he really be? Enjoy the hug. I really must make more of an effort to have a tree hug. I used to have them in the woods behind my house but since my Henry died I can not go up there without him. Now I walk to the pond down the road to see the geese in the morning and Frankie, the old dachshund, and I walk down the other way later on. You as well.
    • yes, nature rules in india- i miss my home very much and the unstructured way things are...where in india is your friend from? i have travelled extensively in India - and each place is like a different country, with different language, customs, and cuisines...  and yes -  i lived in new delhi which also has peacocks in some parts of the city - infact i was teaching at the austral high commission and there were peacocks right out side on the balcony ... i have a picture somewhere... and yes...dogs are all over the streets - one has to be careful of course as they bite sometimes...but i have never had a bad experience and usually feed them biscuits ...and befriend them. i will give the trees a hug for you... take care and be safe....
    • Pointing in the direction to which I alluded, I offer this brief talk by noted neuroscientist and author Antonio Damasio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilrelFkDYls For those fans of Buddha's teachings, I would point out that the Buddha had very similar insights, without the benefit of modern technology and science, some 2500 years ago and modern mindfulness teachings in great part derive from those insights. My personal view of his teachings on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness is to immerse one in the foundations for wisdom and wellbeing as opposed to ignorance/delusion and suffering. It starts with the first foundation--mindfulness of the body, or mindfulness of the sensations of the body and developing a deep and relaxed awareness of the body, the ground of our experience. It progresses to the second foundation--mindfulness of feelings, understanding that our intentions and impulses to act even on the mental level involve basic feelings intertwined with cognition of sensations. The conditions for their arising involve body states just as sensations do. They in turn affect the quality of our conscious experience and the ways we relate to it. This is the third foundation--quality of mind, which is where things really start to get complicated and probably where we could include emotions that express how we subjectively relate to certain objects. This stage easily lends itself to misconceptions and rationalizations for indulging in all sorts of behaviors that are counterproductive in terms of our sustained wellbeing (ignorance/delusion). With practice and experience we begin to turn the corner and appreciate alternatives exist that lead to healthier states of mind. Then we are ready to train in the fourth foundation of mindfulness with various perspectives that help us attune with our nature, deepen our understanding of what those healthier alternatives are for each of us, and make them more readily available to us. This is only my personal understanding. Please feel free to refute or disregard it. I mean it, feel free to be merciless because I might learn something from it.
    • Nature is my salvation and the only thing that keeps me sane  because truly (not looking for pity here) the rest is not great. The road is loud although beautiful and I stressed out so much trying to move from my city of 46 years that I did not see all that is wrong with the house. Too long to go into. I think moving to someplace peaceful with a few acres is an excellent idea which you will love. i will have to  look up Ross island. I have a friend in India who was sending me pictures of the peacocks but they were not roaming rural areas but the city streets as well as the deer. Before that when people were still out and about she sent me a photo of a cow eating the dog's food-meat of all things.  You will love living in nature I think. I may have moved to the wrong place-not sure about the state yet, it is a mixed bag-but i drive home seeing mountains and seeing the occasional wild animal. I do have raccoons who come to my house every day. Cheeky little beings they are. If you find a tree that looks right try giving it a hug. it is a lovely feeling. 
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