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Mindfulness Meditation

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    • I'm so glad...I can relate, I notice my throat chakra (not sure if you're familiar with chakras) closing up if I have something difficult to say, or if there's a message, whether coming from someone else or from my own psyche, that I'm having a difficult time listening to.  Or, I'll notice my throat getting dry or developing a bit of a cough. It's interesting to pay attention to the quality of your throat on various occasions. It really is affected by communication- both given and received. To open my throat, I practice what my yoga teacher called a "wolf howl": inhale through your nose, then exhale through your mouth as you tilt your head upward, exposing your throat, extending your chin forward and pursing your lips so you sort of make a circle with your mouth. I picture calming wind flowing from my heart through my throat. It really helps! 
    • Awesome - his son wrote the 5th agreement ... i forgot to recommend the very controversial osho's book - the empty boat - it really resonated. There's also a great set of spiritual movies i would love to recommend but will share that as a link... My favorite movie is  Kumare... https://priyankadevigupta.weebly.com/choosepeace.html  
    • I guess it is no coincidence that we are all circling around the same few books...I also have The Body Keeps the Score on my nightstand and leaf through it now and then to reread something that was of use when I read it the first time. I definitely see the perspectives of both @David Weiskopf and @Jo L in that considering who we may be guiding is important as well as the honesty and sincerity of our tone and invitation.  Both for me are ongoing parts of my own practices, and even how I think before regularly interacting with others.  Being present with whomever it may be that I am speaking with and being aware of my tone of voice, word choice, etc...really mirrors what I hope to be when in practice with others. Appreciate the dialogue here.  Be safe and well, all. Rachel
    • I do not mind at all. I have never met herald I know very little. Giving birth as a single mother in the 50's was shameful and I am guessing she was in Hassidic community in NY given the part of the city so that was even worse. That part is speculation. I did look for her but never found her. I can not say that I am not disappointed that  did not (potentially get to grow up in that community but they would not have accepted me anyway. Ask anything you want to. I appreciate your consideration.
    • So cool. I actually was going to ask you about your name, because I thought maybe you had changed your name to Faune given your love for animals and nature! I love the intuitiveness of your birth mother- she knew.  Forgive me if this is too intrusive- and please feel free to decline to answer- but did you ever meet her or do you know anything about her?
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