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He everyone!

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Greetings new friends! I've been thinking about doing this program for a while, and finally registered. I look forward to the journey. 
I was first introduced to mindfulness and meditation in 1986. I perform cultural dance and I teach Pilates at a yoga studio, where I am surrounded by lovely folks who practice mindfulness. I have been adding mindfulness practices into my Pilates classes, and want to make it more official, and help my students even more. 

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Welcome @Samira! It's wonderful to have you in the community 🙂 You've been practicing for quite a while it sounds like! What sorts of practices resonate with you most?

I'd love to hear more about your experience and insights. Feel free to explore the forum and jump in on any conversation that calls to you.

Have a beautiful day!

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Thank you for the kind words. 
With my movement background I connect well with somatic practices. My heart gravitates toward loving-kindness practices. So, a combination of both. 
With the pandemic slow down in life, I am fortunate enough to have lots of work that keeps me busy (and at home), as well as some time to focus on my own practice and also support virtual events that raise money for local charities. I'm not taking part in forums as much. I'll poke around a bit today. Thanks for the reminder. 

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