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My name is Stephanie Jackson. I am in the process of developing a consistent routine that incorporates both mindfulness and meditation to help me navigate my day to be more positive and productive. 

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Hi Stephanie! I love your approach. I didn't set out to create my own routine (I was just exploring, initially) but as I set upon this journey of learning and practicing, I naturally settled into one over time - and I've become comfortable with that changing organically, too. Welcome to the community 🙂

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@Stephanie - a warm welcome to you from me as well! So glad you've joined us as you are deepening your mindfulness practice.

What types of meditations are you drawn to? Are you new to mindfulness or new to a more consistent practice of it?

If you'd like to share any thoughts, insights, or questions, feel free to post in any other forum topic that appeals to you. Looking forward to learning more about your journey!

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  • This community is designed to be a welcoming space to enhance mindfulness inquiry and exploration. In this spirit, please share and respond mindfully and compassionately, cultivating continued respect, safety, and support for all.
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    • Day 26: Remembering Motivation Integrated Practice: Write for 2 full minutes for each journaling prompt below.  Once you’ve finished, take a minute to reread what you wrote and reflect.  Journaling Prompts:  1. An intention I'd like to hold for myself is... To remember to be kind to myself today. I tend to forget that it is ok to say I allow what is happening. I am becoming aware of the fact that much of my mental and emotional suffering occurs because of the constant states of aversion I experience. I am not always aware of how this state creates a dark cloud which causes suffering.  2. Things I can let go of are… Let go of aversion to people, places and things.
    • Day 25: Focused Attention & Open Awareness Integrated Practice: At your next meal, practice mindful eating. Bring an open awareness mindset to this practice; see how much of the experience you can be present to including the flavors and textures in the food, the sounds occurring around you and as you eat, the colors and smells, etc. Reflection Questions: Q.) In what ways did the mindful eating practice affect your experience of eating?   I was aware of the texture and smell of the food. I was also more aware of the person I was having dinner with and felt more present during the conversation. In addition, I became more aware of wanting to continue with my stream of thinking about what I had to do after breakfast and shifted my awareness back to practicing being aware of my meal. Q.) How can you apply this type of practice to other areas of your life? This type of practice can be used whenever I am completing any task. I could apply this to work projects to focus on the task at hand instead of engaging in the thoughts and emotions I often relate to getting the work done (i.e. the story line about deadlines, impact of conversations, not getting things done, too much work to do etc.).  
    • I would like to hear more about the forest baths,@yogawithpriyanka. We just have streams in ur woods and Henry would drink from them. Frankie, my old mini dachshund from NYC is not quite the hiker that Henry was. That is the same Moola Mantra. I realized sometime last night when i was in bed that i had not replied about this and did not even see this one here. Your has  much nicer photos . The one I have is a photo of her singing not that I look at it anyway.
    • Thanks for mentioning that book Rachel. I haven't heard of it. I've just picked up my order of "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk and look forward to deepening my understanding about how trauma lives in the body. And thank you Jo for sharing your practices. I also try to really make it clear that everything is optional - i.e. closing the eyes, repeating certain affirmations, sitting in a particular way. I often start sentences with, "If you'd like, you might..." or "If it feels comfortable for you, you can..." I think this gives listeners the space to feel out what they are ready for and/or safely able to venture into.
    • Lovely quote @Rachel. It reminds me of another 'sign quote' that was posted at the ashram I studied yoga at. It read: "Practice while you can. You'll need it when you can't."
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