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Day 5 and still going

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Today was my 5th day in a row. First time i do 5 days meditation without stopping. I feel very relax, i csan really remove all tentions in my body but still today it was not an eqsy one for me . I can give kindness to others, i can see their smile and laugh and can wish then happiness,  and this give me happiness, But I have hard time to focus on me and give myself love and wish me all those good things. Im not use to that. Im sure its good, but i might need more practive onthis to unlock something. I will keep going .

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Hi @Olivier - congrats on meditating 5 days in a row! 

Regarding compassion - it can certainly be easier to give love and care to others than it is to offer that care to ourselves. It is definitely a practice.

If you are interested in more practices to help build your capacity for self-compassion, you might find benefit from this article: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/8-self-compassion-exercises-to-enhance-the-relationship-you-have-with-yourself/

Let us know how it goes!

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