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Gillian Sanger

What words of support can you offer yourself right now?

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im thinking about others and mind always thinking about others and others problems ....so want to care for me ...

Feeling lonely 


Love yourself!!! care for you and prioritise your thoughts and feelings!! Be responsible for you and your well being 

Also want to tell myself ...im your friend !!!i m there always for you.

self compassion needs to be developed



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On 11/24/2021 at 8:58 AM, Gillian Sanger said:

This week's question asks:

What words of support can you offer yourself right now?

Take a moment of pause to consider what words of love, compassion, and support you most need to hear right now - words that you can offer directly to yourself. What words would you offer? 

Keep it simple

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    • Hi Guys, I've not posted here before but I found a mindfulness exercise that I've been using every night with a lot of success and wanted to share it somewhere just in case it helps anybody else.   I like to keep a cool head at night and realized that I can combine this requirement with a mindfulness exercise that can help me focus on what is important to me every day. If you prefer to keep warm in bed this probably wont be much use to you.   Each pillow has 4 separate quarters that you can alternate between to keep cool and if you use 2 pillows this gives you 8 sections that you can alternate between to keep a cool head, however this can be done just as well with 1 pillow if that's what you use.   The suggestions below are things that are important to me, if you wanted to try this you can change these to suit your own needs.   0 - Start with 2 fresh pillows and meditate for a little while. When the pillow warms up or you are done meditating, vertical flip both pillows to give you a fresh cool pillow and keep your head on whichever side of the pillow suits your sleeping arrangement.   1 - Calm -  Focus on clearing negative thoughts. - When ready vertical flip the top pillow 2 - Happy - Think positive thoughts, smile and be happy - When ready horizontal flip top pillow 3 - Goals -  Think about your goals and how you will achieve them - When ready vertical flip top pillow 4 - Health & Habits - Think about how to improve your physical and mental health and break bad habits - When ready vertical flip BOTH pillows 5 - Earn money - Think about ways to earn more money in and outside of work - When ready vertical flip top pillow 6 - Save money - Think about ways to save money - horizontal flip top pillow 7 - Gratitude & Kindness - Think about things that you are grateful for and how to be kinder to others - When ready vertical flip top pillow 8 - Happiness & Sleep - Just be happy and try to sleep - If you are still awake at this point, flip both pillows and try to go to sleep.   I'll quite often be asleep before I make it to the end but if not you can just proceed to do whatever it is you like to do to get to sleep.   I hope this was clear and I appreciate that this probably won't be of any use to most people but I've been doing this for about a month and it's helped me make some significant changes to my life as well as getting many really good nights sleep so thought it was worth a share.   If this is of no use to you and you read all this way I'm sorry to have wasted your time and hope you have a wonderful life!   Thanks
    • Hello everyone, my name is JP. I am excited to have joined this group. I look forward to the lessons to be learned from this chat and wish you all a great day.
    • Hello! For quite some time I’ve been looking for some online courses/study material/apps, etc. that could help me find out more about mindfulness, different practices to use. I mostly found material and info about meditation, breathing exercises, yoga practices and more. Some apps even had music selection for if you’re having problems sleeping, among other things like psychological advice for your mental health. I tried out a few apps like Headspace, Breethe, Calm and Yours App to see what it’s like. I admit, at first I had my doubts since I haven’t had a really positive experience with online meditation before, but these apps really made an impression on me and changed my mind about technology. I always thought it impossible to use apps for meditation and mindfulness as in my mind - the peace and quiet doesn’t really go hand in hand with technology. I had a great experience and I’m sure that there are many people around here who are looking for something that could help them out with practicing meditation/mindfulness and improving their wellness, so these mindfulness apps might be something worth trying. At least for me, they were really helpful. I’m interested - what is your story? What are some of your experiences regarding online meditation or apps?
    • This week's question asks: What can I express appreciation for today? There are many things we can be appreciative for in any given moment and on any given day. As you ponder this question, you might consider the following to facilitate your exploration: What do I appreciate about my body? What do I appreciate about my skills/gifts/traits? What do I appreciate about my environment? Who in my life do I appreciate? What simple things do I tend to take for granted? Then, consider how you can express your appreciation. This might be a silent, loving word directed inwards, a loving sentiment directed to someone else, or even a caring action (i.e. planting a seed in the earth to show appreciation for the planet).
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