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Question about personal websites!

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Hi all! I'm tuning in from Tel Aviv and just started the teacher training program. 

Does anyone here have a website in which they offer mindfulness/meditation workshops/courses, etc. or just dedicated to mindfulness with resources? Would love to get some ideas!



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Welcome @bombabird! Great question. I'll tag a few members so that they're more likely to check in for this post. Not sure what they each offer specifically, but I'm sure some of them would be more than happy to share their professional websites 🙂

You will also find a few links in the 'Your Offerings' club, but I think having this forum topic is a good idea since not everyone has joined that club.

@George Marino @Paige PIlege @Karen @Ro H. @JohFlow @Alain @Joe W. @Belinda @GalandaB @Mike Goins @Marisa @Kimberly - and whoever else sees this! If you have a website that shows your mindfulness services or resources, feel free to share them in this thread.

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I don't have a website, just a student myself 😄 but I'm loving that this thread was started -  following! It would be great to visit the sites of other members & support within the community here. 

Great reminder about the Offerings group, too! 

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Hello everyone, so you know my newest website www.365ways2joy.club keeps going down so keep trying if you are looking for it. 

www.soulfitnesslife.com is my oldest website that I revamp every so often.  It is interesting to me how these work.  

www.journey2joy101.com is one I created a few months ago to go with  my facebook page.  It encompasses a social learning environment so that there is always interesting things going on there.  I was offering different challenges there.  My learning curve experience in websites. lol.    Please fell free to give me any suggestions or criticism on them because I really have no idea what I do since it is purely intuition and universe guided.  

Thank you for letting me post.

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My website for teaching and consulting in mindfulness is the Chinese Medical Qigong teaching site called www.soulfitnesslife.com.  Consultations are free and I do plan on doing some meditative recordings  before long.  I am told my voice is very nice.  I thought it would be incredible to do some narrative freelance jobs.  Because I love to read, I love to hear myself read, it is a learning things I have.   Thank you for your interest.  Paige Pilege  


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namaste everyone,

i offer free yoga via youtube if you would like to check this out - been teaching since 2012 - there are a whole host of videos -


linktree abbreviates the playlists and might be easier to peruse to find exactly what you are looking for such as chair yoga, or yoga for core strength, meditation and yoga nidra


my website has details about my teaching background/client testimonials etc...



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