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Introducing myself, a person trying to master, observe, accept and release my monkey mind.

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Hello all,

Thinking about what makes me the person I am to introduce myself, the first topic that I want to tell you all, is my passion. I like to move, to move on. As well physical, with my mind and my dream. I’d like to call me as a runner, a cyclist, try to swim from time to time, try to move focused and within my abilities. I am a mother of one sun, whom I ve released as a grownup adult. My thoughts sometimes takes the overhand in a not so polite and nice way. I’d like to be outdoors, life in an quite neighbourhood, next to nature or even within nature. I practise mindfulness for quite some years, with ups and downs. Trying to make it as practical as possible in my Day to Day life (also in Running, Cycling, walking, working, … ) Eventhough, having knowledge, down to earth insights, still from time to time, my monkey mind drived me to some limits, I don’t want to. Eager in Learning, eager to flatten this mind, these turbulent periods, I’m looking for inspiration in combination with trying to inspire others.  

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