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Mafalda - Introduction

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Hello, everyone,

My name is Mafalda.
Corporate Mindfulness & Mindfulness for Inclusion
Translator (for the English, French and Spanish languages, with 30 years' experience in multinational environment.
In 2008, I fell in love with the mind potential and became a Meditation Facilitator that same year  and a Mindfulness Facilitator since 2013 with Adults, Pregnant and Teens.
In 2015,  I founded and launched bloom Focus on the Good, a program for Corporate Mindfulness (Mondelez Electrolux, McDonald's, NOS, Unilever, Publicis Noesis are some of my clients and in paralell I develop social responsibility activities working with meditation in a seclusion environment (Linhó, Sintra and Tires State Prisons and in mental health with Alzheimer Portugal Caregivers for Alzheimer's Dementia patients in an advanced state.
I have training in Meditation (Upaya Center and Budhadharma;  Group dynamics in prison settings (Sapana org); Training in MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction under the method of Prof Mark Williams (Oxford University); Training in support and End of life patients (Breathing Techniques Jivana Yoga); Certified Trainer by IEFP CCP No F 647997 2016 and Humanistic Professional Coach IHCOS® nº 6423 BF 7404 D.

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Wow! Welcome, Mafalda! I look forward to exploring your work.

What kinds of social responsibility activities do you develop? 

Out of curiosity, could you share what lead you to fall in love with mind potential in 2008? 

Looking forward to being a part of this community with you,


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Ohhhh Sean, thank you 🙂

I fell in love with mind potential in 2008 when I arrived to a period of my life where I felt lost....I friend of mine saw that and invited me to be part of a project of meditation with children, and I said yes....That's when all started.  It took me 5 years but in 2013 I quit my job and createt bloom - Focus on the Good and never looked back.

As far as social responsibility activites are concerned, I've started working in 2014 as a volunteer and mindfulness facilitator in State prisons with inmates.

I've carried out a mindfulness program - Breaking Bars - To Be - at the Carregueira State prison in Lisbon with 12 inmates identified with the higher levels of aggressiveness - working with mindfulness for inclusion and it was a transforming experience to me - we always go with our bias/prejudices and fear and the greatest lesson was that we are all human, we are all equal.

Thank you for wanting to know.

Warmly, Mafalda

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Hello @Mafalda! Just wanted to reach out as I remembered you mentioned here that you work to bring mindfulness to corporate settings. If you're interested in sharing your insights, experience, or thoughts, we've set up a new forum category and thread dedicated to the topic: 


Hope all is well!

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