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Mindfulness Exercises Podcast

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Hi everyone! I've recently learned that there is an upcoming Mindfulness Exercises Podcast in the works. The team is curious:

What mindfulness-related topics are you interested in learning more about? What would you hope to gain or learn through listening to a podcast dedicated to mindfulness?

Share any thoughts with us here and I'll make sure to pass them on. 

With gratitude,


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Some Key Topics are Compassion & Self-Compassion via Loving Kindness; also a Great Topic is David Treleaven's Book, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness; there is so much to learn in that book; in-fact, that's why I began the TSM Book Club; hope folks join & contribute...

I have spent some time on www.Mindful.org and happened to win Tara Brach's book, "Trusting the Gold"; it's Awesome to read about her history...lots of gems in her book!

By nearly finishing David's Book, I have learnt so much about how to be aware of & be curious RE: Trauma and how to assist Clients who Meditate as a helpful resource...especially how to Screen Clients for Trauma (Pgs. 161 + 162). That's a hot topic in of itself! It's a definite Must Read in my humble opinion.

Edited by Rick @ FinestCoaching
Notes revised.

"FinestCoaching is all about Connecting the Dots".

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On 10/9/2021 at 10:57 PM, simoneturner said:

Would love to hear about how to infuse mindfulness exercises in regards to moving frozen tension on the body. Is that possible through mindfulness medi's?

Now I would approach this a couple of ways:

First, based on the definition of Mindfulness, the present focus is to be aware of the "frozen tension"; now it seems "moving frozen tension" sounds like an Oxymoron, so if tension is Frozen, how can it be moving, hypothetically.

In any case, Awareness in the body is primary; now given, it may be, or experienced as "moving", I would be inviting a possible softening of that tension as it moves, and ask how that feels & sensing in the body, then inviting a focusing on the breath and an anchoring of the feet on the ground and sensing how that feels...

So what do y'all think of my suggestions?

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"FinestCoaching is all about Connecting the Dots".

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Exciting announcement! The Mindfulness Exercises Podcast will be going live next week.¬†ūüéČ

As Sean shared in this mindful musings email yesterday:

This has been a year in the making. Each episode will be a guided, curated journey into deeper levels of mindfulness to benefit both practitioners and trained mindfulness teachers alike.

The podcast invites you to:
- Go beyond listening into deeper experiences of mindfulness
- Try new evidence-based meditations to keep your mindfulness practice fresh.
- Learn from the world’s top mindfulness teachers on how they practice and share mindfulness with others

Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to in future episodes:

Exploring Habit Change with Dr. Judson Brewer
Mindfulness for Changing the World with Sharon Salzberg
The Neuroscience of Happiness with Rick Hanson
Kevin Griffin Answers Mindfulness Teachers’ Top Questions
Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté
Mindfulness through an Equity Lens with Michelle Maldonado
My personal answers to different mindfulness topics
Plus … meditations, mindfulness exercises and more"

I'll share the link with you when the podcast goes live next week. Keep your eye on this thread¬†ūüėä

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The Mindfulness Exercises Podcast is now available for streaming!

Go beyond listening into deeper experiences of mindfulness, evidence-based meditations and ancient wisdom. Learn from the world’s top mindfulness teachers on how they practice and share mindfulness with others.

Episodes #001, #002 and #003 are now available at the links below:

Episode #001 - Sharing Mindfulness from the Heart (Sean Fargo)

Episode #002 - Teaching Mindfulness: Most Frequently Asked Questions (Kevin Griffin)

Episode #003 - Why Sean Fargo Recommends Mindfulness of Breathing

You can listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, Audible, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Subscribe on your preferred platform and leave us a review to let us know what you think.

From wherever you tune in:

Welcome to the Mindfulness Exercises Podcast. May this be a source of inspiration and motivation for your mindfulness meditation and teachings.




FYI @Rick @ FinestCoaching @simoneturner @Thuraya @Dina

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    • That's inspiring, Gillian. My Intention today, is to take a Mindful Pause before I react to a situation; reacting will only place me in an Amygdala Hi-Jack. Not that that is my usual style, just that I am more aware today. Sometimes, I will saunter to my backyard and just view the clouds in the sky or just listen to the birds...there are many mindful moments about communing in Nature that awaits us if we just stop and be present. ¬†
    • Lovely reflection Jan! Thank you for sharing this.
    • Guest Jan Ejsymontt
      Today is day 66 of my 100 day meditation  challenge. Today the audio was on Tenderness, what a beautiful word. I would like to express my gratitude  for this wonderful challenge and I do believe that meditation leads to a tenderness. The analogy to the tenderisation of meat is apt. The more we meditate, the more ' tender' we become and recognise that love is the ingredient.  Namaskara.  
    • I was looking through old topics and was drawn to this one in particular. Then, I noticed it's been exactly two years to the day that this conversation was started! An appropriate time to come back to it I think. The theme of vulnerability has been recurring (not constant, but recurring) for me over the past two years. It's been a time of learning to trust my gut and to speak my truth - and learning how to do so with wisdom and compassion.¬† It's been a time of difficult listening, of being willing to lose things in order to expand, of taking the risk of stepping into new expressions of myself. It brings to mind the quote: ‚ÄúAnd the day came when the risk¬†to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Anais Nin. I'm curious to hear other people's reflections and experiences with vulnerability these two years. Share your thoughts below if you're interested in discussing.
    • The other night my partner and I watched 'Chasing the Present' on Gaia TV. Recommended for those that have access to it! Here's the trailer: ¬†
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