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Gillian Sanger

What are you grateful for about your current life stage?

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I am grateful for my inner wisdom.  I learned years ago, that I cannot always control what goes on around me, but I can control how I think and respond.  Seems odd to say, but the pandemic with all of its challenges, forced me to reexamine  what joy and peace looks like.  It is possible to thrive while surrounded by restrictions and limitations.  I am grateful for my ability to adapt and evolve.

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Thank you for these reflections @C-Nicole. I can resonate with much of what you've said. The pandemic has been an opportunity for me to examine my life with greater awareness, and as such it has been a catalyst for my growth. 

Another reflection on what I'm grateful for based on where I am now:

I am grateful for the creativity and inspiration that this time in my life holds. I do not have children and I live surrounded by nature, and so there is plenty of time for me to explore my inner terrain and to really get to know myself. The natural world - the forests and ponds and lakes and fields - is for me a gateway into the divine, into the universe, and I'm blessed to be able to really soak in that.

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