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Day9:Whole Body Breathing

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How does stopping to take a whole body breath affect your mood or attitude?

As a first time , it increases the curiosity how a body can breath!!! When doing , mind chatters like which part is breathing now ????

one thing i realised is i need to bring the awareness to breathing when the mind chatters ..that im telling myself .

Overall I felt It was a wonderful experience and the kind of relaxation when i did in the morning.

Exploring the ways to connect my mind and body through breath

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Thanks for your reply.

It sounds like your mind was trying to conceptualize the experience but that you then came back to pure awareness of the experience

sorry i didnot understand this "conceptualize the experience" can you please explain further?

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Absolutely. By conceptualize I mean trying to figure out the experience or understand it from a mental level. Like trying to cognitively or intellectually understand the practice, as opposed to just feeling into the practice.

Does that make sense?

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