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Welcome Mafalda

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Hello Mafalda,

Welcome aboard to our Mindfulness Exercises Community!

Go ahead and introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself forum, and let everyone get to know you. Tell us about your life experiences, mindfulness & meditation interests, and any future mindfulness goals. For any feedback or suggestions regarding the Community, feel free to write in the Support & Feedback forum.


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Hi my name is Erin McMahon and am 39 years old and I have Down syndrome that doesn't stop me from learning new things  and am trying to be mindful sometimes works and some times it doesn't and am trying my best. 

I sometimes get emotional when people get in front of me and saying something that I don't want to hear that's how I get my feelings get hurt. I'm still working Letting things  go.

I sometimes repeat what people say and they tell me that is annoying and am still working on that habit.

I heard from my fiance John also my best friend is telling me not to over think things they said that because I think too much.

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Hello Erin! Wonderful to meet you here in the community. I'm Gillian - the community moderator, so I can help out if you have any questions or concerns.

What you've said about sometimes being mindful works and sometimes it doesn't - I believe this is true for most of us! It's definitely true for me. Sometimes being mindful comes easier than at others times. It's a work in progress!

Feel free to share your insights or questions anywhere in the forum you are drawn to. I see you've commented on a few photos as well.

Wishing you a lovely day!

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