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Eve Tan

Day 99

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Would you use a drug that made you extraordinarily happy for 12 hours without any side effects? If not, why not? If so, what if it were addictive and you'd soon want to be happy all the time?

Would you ever use a happiness-producing drug that had one serious side effect: The next day you'd remember the wonderful feelings but not what had actually happened? Do you treasure any memories that are more about how you felt than what occurred?

Yes, I think I would like to try if it is without any side effects and won't addictive with it. I feel like want to experience how to feel extraordinarily happy for 12 hours so next time I can practice the mind of thinking in the future without taking any drug. I won't take it if will addictive because what is the point for doing that and addictive will create much more pain in the future so I don't think it is working. No I won't take the drug if I can't remember the memories because I know myself well that I am a curiosity person when I started to curious about what is the memories really cause me get the wonderful feelings then I will want to take the drug again and again that why I won't take it.

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