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Eve Tan

Day 98

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How often do you step back and reflect on where you are headed? Would less or more self-reflection be good for you?

Do you have any specific long-term goals? If so, which is the most important, how do you hope to reach it, and how do you think reaching it will enhance your life?

I think I always step back and reflect myself and it always stop me to action right now. I noticed that I was less self-reflection when I was teenager and I just do it to create the result that I want to have only then I self-reflection back on what I had done is correct or not. It feels like I put myself into an extreme situation either I take action or I just don't take any action. I didn't have any specific long-term goal because I afraid of setting goal for myself. I think too much and worry too much about what if the consequence that I can't take it but right now I feel like I want to set a long-term goal for myself. I want to figure it out what is my life purpose and who am I. I believe I can discover a lot of myself when I willing to know who am I and acceptance all part of myself. When I achieve the goal, I will know how to love, trust, being authentic, kind and compassion to myself also to others as well. 

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