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What do you do with a web of worries? Do you try to rationalise each one or try to just look at them and not do anything with them (which btw can be very hard) what do I do here?

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Hi Abby, 

First of all, there's no competition here, thoughts included, i.e. no Winning or Losing here; whatever your feelings are, positive, negative, or even neutral; they just are. Is it easy, no, yet anything worthwhile is worth struggling for. 

Here's my suggestion: Start with an Intention & pick a Meditation theme personal for you & Meditate on that; remember, there is no goal or mission to achieve or to remove thoughts or feelings,  just be present with whatever is befronting you. 

 And always remember here, YANA-You are not alone:) as the Meditation, "Just Like Me" says....I, too have struggles, rambling thoughts, worries, etc.  So in essence, you are, "Just Like Me". 🙂

Also, I learnt a long time ago in another program, that to rationalize, is to tell yourself, rational Lies. Sounds a bit toughlove-ish; food for thought. And before you end your Meditation, try offering yourself some Loving-Kindness, ok?

Have you given any thought to Gillian's suggestions to you from another post? 

Amy, May You Be Well/May You Be Free from Suffering/May You Be Healthy/May You Be Happy/May You Live with Ease.


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