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Eve Tan

Day 96

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If you hiked to a remote beach and nearly everyone there were swimming nude, would you stay for a swim? If so, would you swim nude?

How much do you like your body? If you awoke on a warm morning and were going to laze around by yourself, how long would it be before you looked in a mirror? If you sleep in the nude, how long before you put your clothes on?

I think I will stay for a swim but I won't swim nude unless it mentioned that it is a rule maybe then I will decide I want to swim nude or not. I don't really like my body because I think it is too fat already but right now I started to accept this is my body and I created it into this shape so I think is a good start for me. I think I will take around 1 mins to look me in a mirror see am my body have any changes. I think I will just within 5 mins I will want to put my clothes on, I don't feel safe when I'm nude. I want to wear clothes when I sleep even though I had try it before but I still feel like I want my clothes on. 

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