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Tracy Lynn

Doing what the world needs of me, doing what I love.

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Over the years I struggled hiding gifts I had, feeling out of place because they made me unique & unlike anyone I knew at the time. As time went on I went through various toxic relationships from friends, family, work, & even romantic relationships. All of these relationships pushed my gifts further & further away from the surface, hiding them deeper & slowly losing who I was.

When I was 25 my mom suggested that I attend a class on healing with her, this class was to teach me techniques for my own healing & how I could even work with others on their journey. Now as a 25 year old who at that point was so broken & possibly the furthest from who I was born to be, I was skeptical but I said yes anyway. Now at 35 I can say that saying yes was one of the best things that ever happened in my life.

During this class I did learn ways to begin my healing journey, ways I could help others, but most importantly I learned (not by memorizing what I was told, but by simply remembering & connecting with who I really was) that I held gifts unlike anyone else, but exactly like others brought here to heal. Though I had a long healing journey ahead of me, in fact life long as I am still healing, I have now reached a point in my story where I am offering my gifts to help others on their healing journey.

During the middle of the pandemic I opened HT Energy Work so that I can offer my intuitive gifts as an energy healer to work with others through their healing journey. In my practice I work with others to heal physical pain, relieve depression/anxiety/stress, to remove toxins & to heal from trauma including generational traumas. I believe that as a healer I can help others best as someone who has gone through something similar, therefore I do find my journey is now serving as a healing road map to those I work with & walk with on their journey to achieve their highest good.

With all of this, I am now doing what I love, what I was born to do, & in these times exactly what the world needs from me.

🕉️Vibrate Higher in Love & Light🕉️
Tracy Lynn,
Healing Touch Practitioner/ Energy Healer

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