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Eve Tan

Day 92

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If you could let someone know your every thought and feel your every feeling for a week, who, if anyone, would you be willing to open up to so completely? Do you think they'd like you less or more at the end of the week?

If people knew the real you - your weaknesses and failings, your strengths and successes - do you think their opinions of you would change much? What would surprise them the most?

I think I will choose my partner and I think she will accept it no matter which side of me because I know she can take it. I don't know she will like me less or more at the end of the week but I think she will understand me better. I don't think they will change much of me because I just show the real me in front of them so they always give me straight away opinions which is really helpful. I think the most surprise might be my strengths and successes because I didn't really show up my ability in front of them and I always rely on them. 

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Hi Eve Tan,

A very great congratulations to you on achieving this 92 nd day challenge.Daily i will see your post like .. whether u have reached 90 th day ? A great curiosity..I will eagerly waiting for your 100 th day🤩.. seriously iam admiring your perseverance !!! And happy for the above post to get such partner ..All the very best for your 100th day !!!

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