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Eve Tan

Day 90

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Would you make a substantial sacrifice have any of the following: your picture on a postage stamp; your statue in a park; a college named after you; a Nobel Prize?

How much does fame impress you? Have you ever made a big sacrifice for someone and kept it to yourself? Which means more to you: knowing you've done something amazing or being recognized for doing it?

I don't think so I will make any substantial sacrifice into those stuff. Fame is just a nothing for me, I think just a reputable for everyone know who are you and what had you done to contribute the world or the people. I don't think I had did any big sacrifice for someone if I did, I think I will choose kept it to myself because I already did it by my own self. I not need people to acknowledge on my work because I'm willing to do it by myself so I don't feel that is a necessary thing to tell others.  

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