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Eve Tan

Day 89

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If your friends and acquaintances were willing to honestly tell you what they thought of you, would you want them to? What do you think they might say?

How much energy to you spend trying to impress others? Does it bother you when people like you because they think you have qualities you don't actually have?

Yes I will willing to know about how they thought about me and I think they will be honest and trying not to hurt me badly. They will tell me about I'm too stubborn sometime and think too negative maybe.  I won't spend so much of energy to impress others but they will like me based on my real self not the fake me. I always belief energy attract energy so if the energy is matching then I will auto impress the people no matter how. Yes, I do. I remember I got a friend always tell me about I'm a loving woman but I don't think I am so I feel very annoying when he told me that but right now I had accepted that I'm a loving woman so just be grateful that they are able to see what you think you don't have but actually you have those qualities just we choose not to see. 

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