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Newbie Here: Hello Everyone!

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I'm  Dianne, age 63,  from Kelso, Washington.( Closer to Portland, Oregon than Seattle.)

My fun and loving husband and I have been married for 42 years and we have 4 married kids and 8 grandchildren. I love family and friends and volunteering. This pandemic hit and I had a lot of time on my hands because I don't work outside the home and my time was spent having fun visiting our grandkids and traveling. That all pretty much stopped my world. I also enjoy and have continued the love for photography during this time. I have tandem skydived at ages 50, 55, and 60, it was to face my fears of heights and trust of someone that brings me down safely. Then I  got hooked! Hence, my new coaching business name is  "Dive In Coach LLC"

 I've known for several years now, I want help others with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. So,  since my hubby wasn't going to retire from his small CPA practice anytime soon because he loves what he does, especially interacting with clients,  I enrolled in a coaching program at Health Coach Institute.  Next week  I will be a certified health & life coaching. Very exciting!  Of course my learning and growing will not stop there. I wanted to continue and absorb as much as I can to help others. 

 Living with fibromyalgia since age 12, I have experience so much and have so many tools to help others. However, I have the desire to learn more on how to teach others "Mindfulness"  I know the power of this topic.  So today,  I decided to search on Google "Mindfulness" and Mindfulness Exercise was the first website that came up!.

Here I am!  I'm so very grateful to have this opportunity to explore all there's  to know here on Mindfulness Exercises.  I hope to connect with others here in this community too.   How has the pandemic changed your life? 

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Hi Dianne! Thank you for the lovely introduction. It is wonderful to read that you wish to help others with fibromyalgia. There is certainly a need for more mindfulness and when you have unique experience that could positively impact others, it's a wonderful calling to follow.

I'm Gillian, by the way¬†- the community moderator. If you have any questions about Mindfulness Exercises, teacher training, or the community itself, let me know ūüôā

I live in Sweden, so my experience of the pandemic has been a bit different than most. Sweden never went into lockdown, but at the same time, I've felt the weight of this pandemic through news and media. Also, I am from Canada, so travelling home to see my family has been difficult; that is probably the greatest tangible way in which I've been impacted.

I look forward to learning more about your work, experience, and insights. Welcome!

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Welcome Dianne, its fantastic what you want to do !!

I'm a newbie here too btw, and whilst having to think hard about my own practice right now...there is no doubt that mindfulness works wonders for chronic pain and I'm sure the forum will be very helpful for you.



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    • That's inspiring, Gillian. My Intention today, is to take a Mindful Pause before I react to a situation; reacting will only place me in an Amygdala Hi-Jack. Not that that is my usual style, just that I am more aware today. Sometimes, I will saunter to my backyard and just view the clouds in the sky or just listen to the birds...there are many mindful moments about communing in Nature that awaits us if we just stop and be present. ¬†
    • Lovely reflection Jan! Thank you for sharing this.
    • Guest Jan Ejsymontt
      Today is day 66 of my 100 day meditation  challenge. Today the audio was on Tenderness, what a beautiful word. I would like to express my gratitude  for this wonderful challenge and I do believe that meditation leads to a tenderness. The analogy to the tenderisation of meat is apt. The more we meditate, the more ' tender' we become and recognise that love is the ingredient.  Namaskara.  
    • I was looking through old topics and was drawn to this one in particular. Then, I noticed it's been exactly two years to the day that this conversation was started! An appropriate time to come back to it I think. The theme of vulnerability has been recurring (not constant, but recurring) for me over the past two years. It's been a time of learning to trust my gut and to speak my truth - and learning how to do so with wisdom and compassion.¬† It's been a time of difficult listening, of being willing to lose things in order to expand, of taking the risk of stepping into new expressions of myself. It brings to mind the quote: ‚ÄúAnd the day came when the risk¬†to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Anais Nin. I'm curious to hear other people's reflections and experiences with vulnerability these two years. Share your thoughts below if you're interested in discussing.
    • The other night my partner and I watched 'Chasing the Present' on Gaia TV. Recommended for those that have access to it! Here's the trailer: ¬†
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