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Eve Tan

Day 83

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After a medical examination, your doctor calls and says you have a rare lymphatic cancer and only a month to live. A week later, she informs you that the lab test was wrong and you're perfectly healthy. Do you think the insights from having to face death this way would be worth the pain?

What life changes do you think a close brush with death might provoke for you?

I think yes, I think the week will be much more suffering that I never thought I will got a cancer and only a month to live. Sometime, I will imagine what if I really got a cancer and left one month to live but imagine still imagine. Everyone need to face death but how are we deal with the death? I never thought I will detected covid positive until I received a call from clinic and it really changed me. I started to look back how I waste my body and health, I didn't take care myself to much and I thought I can be the lucky one so there isn't always lucky especially for those careless people included me so please take care yourself well, stay safe and healthy. I think this is the provoke that I have right now. 

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