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Mindfulness practicing clarification

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We , as a mindfulness practisioner knows the value of the great mindfulness practice in our day to day life and we are practicing after knowing the benefit. I have a clarification , kindly clarify me.

If we join any class like drawing or dancing and practised ,after few years we can show our learnings in the form of a beautiful picture (in case of drawing class ) or a performance in a dance competition to our family,friends or to the outer world.

I understand and experiencing the small difference of improvement in my daily activities after few days of practise of 100 day challenge. But how we can show our mindfulness learnings and our small achievements after consistent practise to the family member/friend who does not know the value of mindfulness program?? 

Kindly share your thoughts here which will be helpful for me to convince others that im practising a beneficial program.

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Hi Narmadha,

Thanks for sharing; in my opinion, we have the ability to influence folks everyday with a Mindful attitude; in today's Meditation Group, there was a woman in my Class in pain prior to the group; the pain she showed up this morning was not quite the same paIn as she left; her attitude at least for those moments, & slightly, after our group Positive for her; she realized that her pain had diminished, not gone away though will help her to understand some of the nature of her pain, and maybe, just maybe, she can soften some of the pain, day by day...Time will tell!

Now, I cannot speak the Drawing or Dancing classes, yet being a Creative Photographer, I can create one single image in one single moment & be curious about it & having no judgement about it.:)

See my attached Photo-now one may judge this as a dumb tattered leaf, yet for me, I was focused in the present moment having lots of curiosity & No judgement, and yet was able to manipulate it just a little Artistically, to appreciate it's Natural Beauty in the moment:), in my humble opinion. Catch my drift??? Hope that helps:)




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Hi @Narmadha,

Great question. Thank you for sharing it with us. I appreciate your comparison to dancing or drawing to help illustrate your curiosity. I think the difference here is that with mindfulness practice, we aren't necessarily 'creating' something to 'show' to others; and yet, the practice does shine through in the way that we live our lives. We show up for our loved ones, colleagues, even strangers in new ways. We engage in debate in new ways. We likely choose different actions, those that are in alignment with the insights we gain from our practice. And so I think that how we show what we've learned through mindfulness just comes through in the way that we live. People might not see it right away - they have to be willing and ready - but those that are ready to be positively influenced by our practice will begin to see the value in all that we've 'gained' through mindfulness.

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Thanks Rick for the reply. I understand what you are coming to say  through your photography "your focus at the present moment without judgemental" . And a special thanks for spending your time by  creating a mindful picture to quote with an example.

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Thanks  Gillian sanger for your reply.  Im taking your words "practice does shine through in the way that we live our lives" for the question which I asked. 

And you quoted "positively influenced by our practice will begin to see the value in all that we've 'gained' through mindfulness" .That is very fantastic lines. I understand we can influence people positively through practice. 

I am happy and grateful to you and Rick 🙂

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