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Hey everyone! Very happy to be in this group!

I just started practicing mindfulness and I will be happy if you can assist me with two questions I have.

1. Is it effective instead of focusing on breathing, focus on some random unimportent item by touching and exploring it? Or even explore part of your body, like your fingers? 

2. I feel a bit embraced when meditating even with my self. Hope it is not too weird but it is causing me to giggle a bit and to an irregular breathing. All of this is harming my focus and when I try focusing on my breathing it increase it. Any suggestion on how to handle it?


Many thanks in advanced and I hope I post it in the right place:)

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Hi Gorge,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posing your questions. My thoughts are that if focusing on your breath is not grounding for you or it is leading to irregularity in your breathing rate, it would be a good idea to explore alternative places to rest your attention. Many people struggle with focusing on the breath and there are other anchors that you can consider. Certainly another body part could be an option, the feeling of the surface beneath you being another one, any sound that enters and exits your awareness, or even resting your attention on a single object. Whatever feels most supportive for you in this practice. 

David Treleaven offers some alternative anchors you can explore in this short talk. Let us know how it goes! Wishing you well.


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